I hit the slopes and it hurt

Because I can never really thwart peer pressure, this is where I found myself one fine sunshine-y Saturday morning.

Yes, I went snowboarding. If you can call the acrobatics I did snowboarding. I seriously didn't realize I was capable of doing so many stunts. By stunts I mean various ways of falling and contorting and generally just hitting the ice.

But it was kinda fun. And I did get to stand up and, you know, move. Never mind that my rear hits the ice real hard every single time (I fall so I can stop).

I'd say I laveet, but let's wait until tomorrow morning when I wake up and everything starts to hurt.

Special thanks to Jred for the lessons and to Lee for bearing with my incessant questions.
Pictures by B, my new phone.  


  1. gusto ko din mag=snow boarding!!!

  2. @dots: if you can visit me until april we can go :D
    @chelo: this is probably chicken feed to you since you're a surfer dudette na. hahaha.

  3. haha inggit
    ako nga makakita lang ng snow sobrangf saya kop na sguro haha