Moshi Moshi

After four days of zero connectivity (the reason for which I have yet to find out), I caved and applied for a SoftBank postpaid account. It's not the easiest thing in the world to do, and up 'til now I'm still not sure if I understand the plan (primarily because it seems to good to be true). But I was able to get one, special thanks to S and (Big) J for helping us poor, illiterate people.

And so Nish meets his Mini-Me.

This is the coolest phone ever. The keyboard is qwerty, and the display is great, and that grayish cross thing right below the screen on the cover is actually 6 touch-sensitive buttons. Oh, and did I mention it has a TV tuner? And a 2D barcode reader (although this is a standard feature in Japanese phones, I believe)? And a music player? And a 2MP camera? And that it only cost me around 10k yen (roughly 5k php)?

It even came with a SoftBank mascot charm.

And, well, one more teeny tiny thing. So we were walking (aimlessly) around Shinjuku station and we chanced upon this store that was giving away shoes for free. Well, alright, not free, but 1000 yen for a pair of shoes in Japan is unheard of. Especially if they're made in Japan. So no way was I going to pass this up (would you???).

Mr. S is going to kill me. "Ella-san! Shopping again?!? Ano ba yaaaaaaan!!!" He's a tad bit worried that I might go broke, and not without reason.

Anyway, it's time to hit the sack. I leave you with my food pics.
First, the headless shrimp sinigang (because I can't find undecapitated shrimps in the grocery) with a year's supply of radish (the radishes here are ginormous).

And this is dessert:

Sweet dreams. ^^


  1. waahh ang ganda nung shoes! i want too! ganda din nung phone. gumagana ba yan dito if iuuwi mo?

  2. andaya! andami mo bargain!