The S Files

My boss, Mr. S, is not the typical Japanese boss. Not that I would know what a typical Japanese boss would be like, but I'm pretty sure he would not address me as "tsong". I actually find it hard to respond when I answer the phone and my boss would go "Hi tsong, kamusta ka?", and even more so when he ends his text messages with "sige tsong, talong".

Now I can't annoy him like I do my half-Filipino, half-Chinese, half-Japanese (yes that's a total of 1.5 heehee) former boss BK, but I do try my best. Although I think I've found my match. Look what happened to my office homepage entry:

My answer: Shopping
Homepage: Shopping (Wasting money!)

Me: Mr S! You changed my entry! I don't remember saying my hobby is wasting money!
Mr S: Ah, really? Must be a typo.

Message to other group members
My answer: I love you all
Homepage: I love you all! Treat me to Pepper Lunch!

Me: You changed my message!
Mr S: Ah, you see, I was really really tired last night. So many many typo.

And then this morning, in an e-mail before going to the mothership office for our regular meeting:
Ella-san. Let us leave a bit early today, considering your walk performance. :)
I walk slower than usual now because every single fiber in my body is sore from snowboarding (which, by the way, despite the pictures and badass video, he still thinks I have no "sense" of).

And then during lunchtime:
You went to Pepper Lunch?!? You have meeting with customer! Ano ba yaaaaaan!
And then during the aforementioned meeting:
Ella-san, you should sit far away from the customer. So they don't smell you. 
And then during dinner:
Ella-san, libre ka na. 

And all is forgiven. ^^
Sige tsong, talong.


  1. haha nakakatawa naman ung boss mo!

  2. hehe...hindi ka titigilan niyan. pakibati na lang siya para sa akin. hehehe...

  3. @doti: hehe i know!!!

    @sevenfloorsdown: mukha nga, nagbabarahan lang kami maghapon hehehehe