Productive weekend!
I did my laundry, ironed my clothes, vacuumed everything, did my groceries, cooked baon for the week (I'm now tired of the food in the restaurants surrounding the office), cleaned the bathroom, installed hooks in the kitchen to hang the pots and pans in, had my internet re-connected (long story how it got disconnected in the first place) and in the process also connected my phone (all this time it was not working pala), finished Chapter 10 of Pimsleur's Japanese lessons, and - how could I forget - went shopping.

This time it's outlet stores. Let's skip the small talk and proceed to the loot. Because I really really hafta sleep. It's getting colder and colder and in effect harder to get out of my cocoon each day.

I know, I know, I don't need another bag. At all. But I really really really like this color. Nish's bag (from the Samsonite Sensu collection) came in this color, too and I actually really wanted to get that one but they ran out of that color. It's just bright and cheerful and it makes me smile. And it's also a steal at 50% off in this store called Lowry's Farm. And it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, which I find could be useful at times (meaning there are times when I wish my bag had a shoulder strap). Damage: 5 pepper lunches.

Ankle-length booties. Because all this walking is damaging all my shoes. When we go to the mothership office we walk for more than a kilometer. No kidding. So I really have to rotate. Seriously. Whenever I look at my Aldo heels I get depressed. Anyway, I scoured every single shoe shop in Minami-O until I found these - and this one is the last pair in size 22.5 (cm). Now normally I'm a 23.5 (my pink chucks were 24.0 but that's because it's the smallest men's size), but luckily they fit (with room to spare, actually). So now all I have to do is get myself some UGG boots and I'm all set for life. Damage: 10 pepper lunches.

Oh, and a couple more things. This is the view from my balcony:

When it's a tad bit windy the leaves all come off and it's really really pretty. But really messy, too. They're all over the stairs and the corridors. But I still think it's pretty.

And since I did mention I was, ermmm, attempting to cook:

Shrimp and broccoli. Because a head of broccoli is half the price of a medium-sized ampalaya (bitter gourd). Yes, I am still not over it.

Chicken adobo. With Kikkoman soy sauce and apple cider vinegar because they don't have Datu Puti and Coconut brand soy sauce here. But it still smells divine. Itadakimasu!


  1. ang sosyal ng adobo mo! hehehe.

  2. i need a shopping buddy today..

    at c maits ay unavailable (not to mention super kurips so lahat hihindi-an nya)

    mommy, i love the bag! sana may mahanap ako orange bag later :)

  3. tol, gsto ko ng ankle boots! hahaha!