The Secret of the Secret Ingredient Soup

Royce chocolates = bliss in a box. It just makes you happy. Seriously, it does. If you ever have the wonderful fortune of being in Hokkaido or Narita Airport Terminal 74 do yourself a favor and buy yourself a box and spread the love. Apparently it's available in the Philippines, but the markup is just outrageous (it's 670 yen a box, and here it's 675 pesos, peso-to-yen conversion is 0.43, go figure) so the joy diminishes a tad bit, but well, during desperate times I say indulge.

Now there are a lot of varieties and they even have chocolate potato chips but the only ones I can vouch for are the green box and the blue box (pictured above). I won't bother trying to explain what they are because hell, I can't read Japanese, okay. Just try it and, well, if it is less than earth-shattering to you then by all means send them to me and I will gladly rid you of them.

Special thanks to Japo for getting me two boxes. And Rodmaykel, I saved a box for you and this requires enormous self-restraint from moi so I hope you get me those Vinci's. Or Jimmy Choos.

More Royce here.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

1. Surfs the net, stumbles upon "The Mineral Make-up Thread (Part15)."
2. Decides she wants mineral make-up.
3. Discovers that mineral make-up is only available online.
4. Realizes that she needs to load her G-cash account to pay for her loot.
5. Rushes to Gateway to load her G-cash account.
6. Sale at The Optical Shop on designer eyewear - stops self from buying a pair of cK shades.
7. Had eyes checked anyways and buys new contacts (Biomedics55).
Dr : Your prescription grade seems higher. Did you get enough sleep last night?
Me : 12 hours.
Dr : Oh.
8. Sale at Mango (is it ever not on sale?) - can't contain EQ any longer and buys 3 tops.
9. Goes home, pays for the mineral make-up and is very very happy at last.
10. Is now impatiently waiting for the (still unconfirmed) shipment to arrive.
11. Cannot sleep because of the aforementioned 12 hours of sleep the day before.


Did you know that Snuffleupagus's name is Aloysius? And that his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Snuffleupagus, got divorced? Well, almost, because the episode didn't air - the kids came away with negative messages during test runs. But you can read about it here.

I know, I know, this is so random. But it's 4 am and I can't sleep because the moment my back hit the bed last night I zonked out, and now my brain decides it has had enough of REM. See, this is why I do not sleep early.

Besides, Snuffy is one of my favorite characters, apart from Oscar the Grouch. He is the imaginary friend I never came up with. Well, at least until he became real. I think it requires a certain creativity level to have an imaginary friend, and I just didn't have that. Our toys were named "Sexy Pig"(pig in a two-piece bathing suit) and "Rabbita"(female rabbit), I named my dolls after their brand names, and our dogs were Blackie and Brownie and Whitie. Go figure.

Edit: Oscar the Grouch had a full body!!! *gasp* I have been living a lie!

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Dark Knight Night

So after a billion years I finally got to see The Dark Knight. It's pointless to do reviews because everyone knows that it's great, and yes, Heath Ledger was brilliant, and yes, that is without bias coming from me not wanting to offend someone who has already passed away. Anyway, just a couple of pressing questions:

1. Is there no make-up remover available in Gotham City? Because hell, they can extract fingerprints from bullets, use cellphones as sonars, but they cannot, for the love of God, remove The Joker's make-up to ID him. Shu Uemura cleansing oil, people?

2. Why does Batman speak like he is trying to tell a horror story? Make no mistake about it, I love Christian Bale, but in this movie, you could've replaced Batman with a cardboard model and it still would've been great.

3. What does Alfred do in his spare time? And what is his last name?
*Edit: I googled it - it's Pennyworth. No description of his pastimes, though.

4. If you were in the ferry, and you knew that the person behind the Tagalized versions of Rihanna's Umbrella and Beyonce's Irreplaceable was on the other ferry, would you even have second thoughts about triggering the detonator?

How Low is Low?

Je te present: The University of Michigan Admissions Profile for the CSE Graduate Program:
The students we admit generally meet the following qualifications profile:
A GPA of at least 3.5/4.0 for the undergraduate degree.
A Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General total score of at least 2000 (out of a possible 2400); new test scoring of at least 1300 and 4.5 (analytical). Score must be less than 5 years old
3 Solid letters of recommendation.
TOEFL score of at least 590 (paper test); 243 (computer based test); 97 (New Internet-based test); for CSE that is less than 2 years old. This test is required for students whose native language is not English.
Although we do consider applications with scores below these, applicants with substantially lower GPA and GRE scores are accepted only under unusual circumstances.

How substantial is substantial? Is my meager 3.38 substantially lower than 3.5, or is it just a teeny tad bit lower? Because I likey already...

Hardware Systems
Topics Covered : Computer architecture, high-performance microarchitectures, parallel and multithreaded processors, multiprocessors, distributed computers, fault-tolerant computers, embedded systems, real-time computers, input/output systems, systems-on-chip (SOCs), application-specific circuits (ASICs), computer networks, computer-aided design, low-energy/low-power design, architectures for VLSI, logic synthesis, design and timing verification, testing.

*sigh* It's the Liverpool scholarship all over again. Does this mean I would forever regret bombing my poetry orals?

So you think your hair is fierce?

This brings a totally new meaning to "taming your tresses."

Hair hats, by the Japanese artist Nagi Noda. I kinda likey. I mean, really, how can you not be ferosh when you have a growling lion on your head?

The dog is my personal favorite, though. Which one's yours?

Me Likey

Because life isn't all that bad (and premature aging scares me). No matter how shitty things get, at the end of the day the malls are still open, and I still have my credit cards. And when the malls close, there's always online shopping.

Let's run through the things that have kept me sane, shall we?

Nokia E51 No-camera edition for Security-sensitive professionals. Ah, the freedom to text during office hours.

YSL Touche Eclat. When sleep becomes a luxury.

The Trivia Game Show. Thank God for really crafty office mates. We now have an in-house trivia game during office breaks. To unleash your inner geek. And aggravate your carpal tunnels. See if you can guess the questions. Ready?

baikal. vinculum. shoemaker-levy 9. antoine lavoisier. bridge on the river kwai. cruithne. praseodymium. marimar. kataastaasang, kagalanggalangang katipunan ng mga anak ng bayan. gregor mendel. usher. mogadishu. xe. allegro. lake titicaca. bogey. the da vinci code. reykjavik. basti artadi. mohorovicic discontinuity. siquijor. exempli gratia. duodenum. voyager 9. wolfgang amadeus mozart. ganymede. cogito ergo sum. cygnus. advanced technology attachment. tim berners-lee. metro-goldwyn-mayer. banco de oro. stalactite. industrial light and magic. pangram. gnu's not unix. gaza strip. spanish armada. skopje. pangea. john williams. kilimanjaro. no air. deoxyribonucleic acid. game theory. mary alice young. clocks. no country for old men. bangsamoro. michelson-morley experiment. yang liwei. spanish armada. snuffleupagus.

Change is Chance

Quoted from our Japanese VIP this afternoon. Quite apt, I think.
I've stopped learning, and started aging. It's time to take chances.

New template, new blog, new me. Or at least, that's the hope.