You Got Mail

The PA samples are here!!! After exactly twenty long days of waiting, they're finally here, and they did not disappoint. Reviews and swatches to follow, because I will be home for the long weekend.

Sneak peek:

It's the adult version of Christmas eve. Will take better pics next time, Miz G is low on juice and Plum's camera does not hold up too well at night.

Never say never

Today I looked and felt haggard for some reason. Note that I hate the word haggard but really, that was how it is. So I figured I needed some... skin brightening? So I dropped by The Body Shop on my way home from the office to get some Vitamin C products.

And then, as I was paying for yet another low-EQ purchase the sales assistant asked me if I had another card as my dear swiper was declined. Declined! Now I know I'm overspending, but even with the recent phone purchase I couldn't possibly be over the credit limit. Now I just started using the swiper (bane of my emotional quotient) online and the first thought that came to mind was oh no, I have been hacked. But why me, the one with a newbie credit limit?

Needless to say, when I got home I immediately checked my online account. And well, as it turns out, apparently I bought a 40 thousand peso shirt from Bayo last Monday. Forty thousand pesos! I rummaged through my receipts, and well, on both slips I only charged 895. Hah. So I tried calling the BPI hotline (89100) and couldn't get through to a phone banker so I went to the nearby store to use their landline.

After a billion times of being put on hold I got really really tired and passed the phone to , so he can go listen to the goddarned lady telling you there are no phone bankers available at the moment so please wait until the Philippines has won an Olympic gold medal. After a couple of minutes he got tired of waiting and we decided I'd just go visit the bank tomorrow morning. But I told him to wait one more minute, just in case... and it worked! I got through! There is hope for our country!

So anyway to make the long story short, there's this huge huge glitch where transactions made through BDO terminals (e.g. if you used your BPI swiper in SM) were encoded as dollars, hence the bloated amount. Imagine if this happened when I used the swiper for Plum. Gaaahck. At any rate, if you're using a BPI credit card and shopped in an SM mall you may want to check your credit card billing statement, if you have an online account. They promise to have this fixed by 7 am tomorrow. Or at least the lady on the other side of the phone line promised.

Side note: If you find your internet connection a bit slower than usual, or if some websites take a longer time to load than others, it might be your DNS server. DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is basically just a translation of the web address (e.g. into the corresponding IP address ( Now for some reason, the DNS servers of some service providers (ours is a good example) can be mighty slow. I would suggest you try this out. It's pretty simple and foolproof, and it really makes a difference.


I roadtested Plum's camera for the weekend. Not bad at all. I totally forgot how convenient camera phones were. Now I can resume taking pictures of "interesting" signs. ^^

This morning before going back to Manila we dropped by my house. More accurately, the house I'm buying for I have no idea what. I am most certainly not going to live there because it's too far away from everything, so I'm guessing it's for the first lucky son in the family who knocks someone up. Or maybe my mother just wants a house she can decorate without the brats tearing it up in seconds.

It's the non-pink (!) one on the left. See how tiny? And there's a jungle at the back, complete with bamboo trees and what have you.

It reminds me of those houses in Monopoly. Maybe I'll paint it red, so it would look like on of those Monopoly hotels. My mom also bought the adjacent lot, and my very strong hunch is, she will be doing her gardening.

Here are more tiny houses a couple of cartwheels away from the house. Do you think I should name the house too? If I were the developer I would have grouped the houses in threes and color-coded them and then each one would have a name like Baltic and Park Place and Marvin Gardens, just like the gameboard. And then if you buy three of the same color you could build one huge house.

My mom wanted to try a different route to Manila today so we ended up in SCTEX (Subic - Clark - Tarlac Expressway) instead of passing through Bulacan. The route is longer by 30km, but traffic is pretty much nonexistent, or at least for now it is. I only ever saw two vehicles on the entire stretch of the expressway, which took us only an hour and a half to traverse (versus the 3.5 hours it usually takes via Bulacan). And this is the only thing you see:

It's like staring at your Windows XP desktop for an hour. As relaxing as it is, I completely missed the "Rossy Chix" salon which I so wanted to take a picture of. But there's always next time. ^^

Lip Gloss

Our lesson for today is how to obtain information from people who are not willing to give it to you. Or, how to force people to do what you want them to do. Or, how to cause irreversible damage on your enemy's psyche.

Disclaimer: I will not, in any way, be held accountable should you decide to kill someone (or yourself) while watching this clip.

Presenting the ultimate torture device:

My sister made it halfway before she puked all her guts out. See how long you can take it.

What can I say? OMFG.



So I was supposed to be going home for the weekend, and well, so are a billion other people. When I got to the bus station the line went all around the station and extended outside. So I went to the terminal of the other bus company because there are always less people there. I didn't even make it to the station - I saw what appeared to be the end of - you guessed it - a very very long line. So now instead of sleeping on the floor sandwiched between my two piglets brothers I am back here in the ghetto blogging.

On a lighter note, I got more mineral makeup foundie samples today from a reseller, and both are exact matches! And the seller was quite generous - I was surprised to find five baggies in the package (when I only ordered one (the other sample was in a jar)). Have I mentioned how I love freebies?

Match #1: Lauress Minimalist in Soft Yellow

Match #2: Buff'd Concealing Foundation in Chamois

Not bad, eh?

Bits and Bytes

I'm uncluttering, hence the sparse blog template. I will update the linklists and all the shiz when I get back; I'll be home for the weekend.

On work: We have just finished the second no-OT week, and well, admittedly it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. My only complaint (of course I have one; I always do, right BK?) is with the rush hour and all, I get home only a good 15 minutes earlier than I would have if I did OT. And the travel is more stressful because of the traffic, whilst when I leave work really really late going home is a breeze, and the taxi drivers are less assholes because there are few passengers.

On EQ: With the loss of my dear e51, and the arrival of Plum, I have to tighten the EQ reins a bit. So no shoes for a long long time. And no jeans either. Last time I counted I have more than ten and I think that's a bit of an overkill.

On studies: I know I have been planning for my MS/PhD the past few months, but now I'm having second thoughts because I cannot, for the love of God, bring myself to open my Leithold (may God bless his soul) to prepare for my GRE. If I'm not ready for re-acquainting myself with Calculus, then I'm not ready for my postgraduate studies, am I?

On Pink: I thought I was graduating from the school of pink (Miz G is black, Plum is mahogany, Nish is white, the blog is green), but lookie here:

(Would've wanted to take better pictures, but I'm in a hurry to get home)

A set of uber-soft pink brushes. I got them super-cheap online, and Nica (the seller) was nice enough to include mineral e/s samples. You know how much I love freebies, so this is just sheer bliss. Special thanks to the boyfriend for letting me use his work address. I hope none of his students find out he is having makeup brushes delivered to school. ^^

Have a great long weekend, everyone.

batteries 101

Our lesson for today is how to increase your EQ level. So a while ago, I just ordered a full-sized jar of mineral make-up and a set of pretty pink brushes. Right, let's just discuss batteries instead, shall we?

Let's begin with a short short story. When I got Plum (it's a she!), the Motorazr2 v9, the sales assistant reminded me (twice) to for my initial usage, I should drain the battery, and then charge it for fourteen hours. And I just nodded along like I always do to Pepper lunch people when they explain how I'm supposed to cook my steak in Japanese. And then the moment I left the store I thought to myself (or, more accurately, I nagged Rodmaykel about it), fourteen hours? Is she crazy?

That's the end of the short story. Thanks for listening.

Anyway, people seem to be stuck with the idea that to make batteries last longer, you should always do the complete charge-discharge cycle, meaning you fully drain the battery, and then fully charge. Now this is actually a good idea, if you're battery is NiCad (that's nickel cadmium).

However, we are now in the world of Gossip Girl and Lithium ion batteries. And Lithium ion batteries, unlike their NiCad ancestors, do not need priming. In short, it makes no difference to charge your batteries for 8 hours, 24 hours, or a hundred hours. And more importantly, the new batteries do NOT like it when they are fully drained. And they especially hate being left without charge for a long, long time. In fact if you check your Macbook manual you would find that it is recommended that you charge your battery up to 40% if you intend to store it. So how do you take care of your battery? Keep it at a healthy level of charge, i.e. don't wait for the battery meter to turn red before reaching for that charger.

Of course, it would still be beneficial to fully discharge and fully charge during the first use to calibrate your battery meter. But this should not be done too frequently, or it could destroy the battery. So there, Miss charge-it-for-fourteen hours. If you don't believe me, may I refer you to The Battery University.

Thank you and may all snatchers drop dead this instant.

The Aftermath

Emo post. Be warned.

When I got back home this evening I saw my e51's charger on the floor. Call me sentimental, but it's the hardest thing to get over stolen belongings. It's almost physical pain. It may be a tad bit materialistic, but every single gadget I own, I bought with my own money. I obsessed about them long and hard and visited them on the stores every chance I got before I finally had enough money to make them mine. Sure it maybe just metal-encased electronics to some, but it's my phone and it contained bits of my life I won't ever get back. My simcard is the jurassic issue sim - 100 phonebook entries, 20 test messages, nothing else. The messages I have saved since God-knows-when are still there. And the LCD protector hasn't even been peeled off yet, which is killing me more than anything else. Maybe, just maybe, if I was just a tad bit more careful...

End emo mode. Well that was quick.
On to the good things in life. Say hello to my new baby.

Now tell me what you think: is it a he or a she? I can't decide. For reference purposes: Nish, the Macbook is a metrosexual. You think this one is, too? They don't get along too well.

life's a bitch and then you die

So today I was supposed to go home (by home I mean the province, not the cockroach-infested ghetto) and then my phone got lost stolen pilfered forcefully taken by a kinfe-waving gun-pointing monster. Okay, so that was a stretch. Basically someone something took it as I made my way to the bus station.

Oh, my poor phone. No one will appreciate him more than I do. Because really, who wants a camera-free phone but me (and my office mates)?

I do hope that the heartless, greedy, fucked-up individual who took my phone lives a nice, peaceful, happy life free of sorrow and frustration. No, of course not. I hope he wakes up every morning wanting to die, as huge rats make a feast of his appendages in the dark corners of some filthy alley in Metro Manila. At the very least, I hope he gets kidney stones, and nightmares every single day. I've stopped believing in karma, because if it were true, then ninety percent of Manila's taxi drivers should be in excruciating pain right now. I think people just made it up to feel better when they get screwed over by someone else. It does make you feel better a bit, but all of it is just hoping in vain.

The only way to get over a lost phone is inhaling Royce chocolates, french fries, and full-fat Coke as you search for a replacement. Say hello to my to-be phone candidates:

Motorazr2 V9. Because I've always adored my Razr, and for two years it never gave me any problems (and never got snatched either). My only problem with it is that it's not 3G. Well, this one is.

Motorola U9. Because it's pink, and the external display is gorgeous. But sadly, no 3G. But still, it's pink. Did I mention it's pink?

Motorola 160. AKA, the featureless phone. Just call and text, no other features. No camera! No color even. And the phonebook can house 100 numbers. How cool is that? Your SIM can hold more numbers than your phone! Do I even have to tell you that it's not 3G? This is the type of phone that gets returned to you during a holdup. So you see, it's worth looking at. And well, I actually kinda likey.

By now you would've noticed they're all from Motorola. I think no other company understands phones the way they do (I'm so sorry, scandalously overpriced 3G iPhone).

See? I'm feeling better already.
(pictures courtesy of

Feeding the Addiction

So after the fiasco that is PayPerPost, I will resume to copying content from other online sources.

If you're thinking about trying Mineral Make-up, please don't. It's addictive shit. Why? I don't know why. Probably because of the free samples. Or the many many many shades that makes you want to get your exact match. Or the girls from the forum who never stop enabling me.

But if you still want to, here's a jumpstart (Maymay this is for you because I know you will forget whatever I told you). This is just for foundies and blushes because I have not reached the eyeshadow-eyeliner level just yet (nor do I want to). I'm no expert so this is a newbie post.

You want to start with samples because, unless you're blessed, it's very difficult to determine your exact shade based on swatches viewed off the internet. For one, the lighting conditions when they took the pictures of the swatches and the differences in rendering for different displays can really really affect the color. Now, a lot of mineral make-up companies offer free samples, and since they come in baggies they can ship it through regular mail hence decreasing (or waiving) the shipping cost.

While (im)patiently waiting for your samples you would want to get containers, a brush, and a swirling cup. Preferred brushes are flat-top and kabuki brushes. My flat-top brush is the highly-recommended Everyday Minerals flat-top, and my Kabuki brush is from Blusche (it comes in pink!). My swirling cup is a pickle dish, but I actually want to get a petri dish because of the geek chic factor tee hee (maybe I should autoclave while I'm at it?). And then you would want to get baby shampoo, too, for cleaning the brushes. And a spritzer, if you want to do wet application. Oh, and a concealer brush if you want to use it as a concealer too.

Now, where to get the samples. I've tried just a handful, but I think it's best to have few options first, because when I started out there were a bazillion companies listed and, well, nosebleed.

1. Ellana. It's a local company, and word is they will be in Tiendesitas next weekend. Shipping is pretty fast, I got my samples in 2 days, I think. No match, though. But I do use their finishing powder.

2. Everyday Minerals. Home of my flat-top brush. They give away free sampler kits (3 foundations, a blush, and a concealer), and you only have to pay for the shipping (around 4 or 5 USD). I just places an order, which I hope to get very very very soon...

3. Blusche Minerals. This is based in Canada, but the owner, Monica, is Filipina. She's very nice and very hands-on, and the shipping is fast in the Philippines.

4. Pure Anada. They don't have free samples but they waive shipping fees for all-sample orders. So you can have 12 sample baggies for 9 Canadian dollars, free shipping.

I've also tried Lumiere, Lauress, and Monave. But I got them from a local reseller so I wouldn't know how shipping is.

Now once you get the samples, the next order of the day would be to find your exact shade. Which is the most frustrating thing. Unless you get samples that are extremely dark or light, everything else looks... fine. I think the BF has been wanting to strangle me for the longest time because I keep asking him which looks better, and well, for him, everything looks the same.

Anyway, once I sort out this whole thing - the right foundation shade, the brand that works - I will get my full-sized jars, and never ever look back. Or maybe not. After all, mineral make-up companies keep sprouting up like mushrooms (or Ateneo buildings). Would be a shame not to try, right?

When all else fails...

From Rodmaykel's stint in Malaysia: Happy strappy I-no-longer-have-OT-pay-but-I-have-new-pink-shoes shoes. Special thanks to Maymay and Maita; Rod couldn't have possibly picked this one out by himself. Maymay, you never mentioned that VNC was dirt-cheap there - I have been duped for so long!!!


The company's seventeenth anniversary party. Great food, winner presentations, good times. Who knew?

No Match?

This means more samples, I guess. ^^