What the f*ck is wrong with Globe?
A couple of months ago, I wasn't able to connect to any service provider for weeks (which is partly why I got the SoftBank line). And now, I get this:
It's a text message from my sister. I received it twelve times. Twelve. And there's this other text message from an office mate, and so far his text message has been sent to me eleven times, and the twelfth (or thirteenth, or hundredth) should be well on its way. Now I know I got a free iPhone from Globe (thankyouverymuch), but that doesn't mean they can just spam me at whim (although I must say, this is much much better than the "pass to 159 people or you will die tomorrow" text messages which I suspect must have been propagated by the telecom giants themselves).

Edit: And the timestamp is wrong! There is no way in hell that my sister is awake at 7 in the morning on a school day. Apart from the fact that she is responding to a message I sent this afternoon. Agh.
And speaking of, if you're planning to get an iPhone, don't. Get an iPod Touch, and a Razr, and be happy. Apple really does not understand phones. But as for gadgets, it's a whole other story. Now I know a lot of people think the iPod touch is one overrated gadget, but I beg to differ. The only time I hate my iPhone is when using it as a phone, the rest of the time it's love. I think the App Store really really made a difference, because it enables the iPhone (OR the iPod touch, which you should get instead of the iPhone) to be anything - a Japanese dictionary, an iPod, a web browser, an e-mail client, a steering wheel, a remote control, and, how could I possibly forget, a lightsaber (I uninstalled it though). 
Anyhoo, hafta sleep, we go snowboarding on Saturday and we leave tomorrow. 
Have a happy spam-free weekend. ^^

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