insomnia ii

So, hey I burned my carpet. At three in the morning. While I was ironing my clothes. And doing my fourth batch of laundry. And watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.
It's the most horrid sight ever. And I can't figure out a way to cover it up - the furniture is not exactly mobile. So unless I start crapping money in which case I could have the apartment re-carpeted (in pink!), I would just have to live with it.
Anyway, on to the nicer things in life. Exhibit A.
NARS has quite a following so I figured I'd hop aboard the bandwagon. Originally I wanted to get Orgasm because it's the cult favorite but it's just too shimmery for me. Now I know the color is scary, but it's actually quite pretty when swiped (with a very very light hand).
Anyway, I deserve a pat on the back today. Amidst all the New Year grand sales, this was the only thing I bought. I stopped myself from buying, among other things, a jacket and suede boots from the GAP (50% off and then discounted further by 20%), and a really really nice trench coat from ZARA with a removable lining (50% off).
I did burn my carpet, though. Bumming really hard now.

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  1. Wahaha akala ko macbook related yang NARS
    Si-nearch ko pa sa google!

    bat kasi naka backgruond pa ung mac? wehehe