My body clock is screwed ten times over.

So for the couple of days I've been nesting. In fact, I spent the entire New Year (the eve and the day itself) all holed up. Tokyo, with its frenzied frenetic pace, all but shuts down on the first day of the year, and I chose to do the same; I feel like I've been chasing after trains the entire time I've been here.

And I actually have been, you know. The 8:29 train (7:54 if I'm going to the mothership office) is just too darned early and I'm always making a mad dash to the train station.

Exhibit A:

My beloved heels after a month and a half, and I don't even wear them that often.

At any rate, apparently I've over-hibernated, and now it's 5 in the morning and I am nowhere near sleepy. Although I did have coffee around midnight, but that has never really stopped me before. I'm always the first to fall asleep during drinking parties, and my mom used to say I could sleep even if the president was there. And my boss actually caught me sleeping during one of our very long videoconferences (it happened only once, I swear, and it was because there was this lull and we weren't discussing anything), and of course he had to include it in his New Year greeting card which, might I add, I only got to see this afternoon because it's the first time I went out this year.

All this inertia is killing me already.