The Requisite Weekend Shopping Post

The Setagaya Boro-ichi flea market happens only twice a year, so off we went one Happy Friday.

It's almost like Baguio, but colder. Way colder. There were a lot of shops selling kimonos and lacquered bowls and teapot sets, and there was this one selling a bunch of coins of different currencies for 100 yen each, and yes, there was a one-peso coin (the old one with Rizal facing front).

Anyway, guess what I got?

Hehe of course not. But it's the cutest baby ever, and I wanted to post a picture. Actually all babies in Japan are terribly cute, and their cheeks all have these huge pink circles like someone just slapped them repeatedly with a lollipop.

So I didn't get anything at the flea market because sometimes my EQ shoots up like that. Hah.
I did get something today, though.

Because I'm tired of discharging on my dining chair every time I so much as lay a finger on it. It hurts. And my skin asthma is thisclose to resurfacing.

So I got a humidifier, after a couple of months of sticking it out with a cup of water under the heating vent. I didn't have a wide selection to choose from due to budget constraints, but I think it's pretty. And you can put aromatherapy oils in it, too, so hopefully I get to sleep better now and not wake up with a scratchy throat and bloody nose. I would still be dreaming of lechon, though.

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  1. ang cute cute ng bata! ang sarap kagatin!