Thank God It's Sabado

So it's a typical weekend.

Woke up early (hah!) and went to Akihabara. We were by the doorstep of PC Bomber before 11 and bought a camera. And then we proceeded to Wink and Outlet Plaza, where we bought three more cameras. And then we trooped to Yodobashi for the camera accessories. After that we proceeded to Shinjuku, and then to Shibuya, and then we went home.

The waking up early part is probably a dead giveaway, but I never really fancy going to Akihabara. Sure, it's one of the must-sees for business trippers and tourists, maybe, but I am so sick of it already. I actually never set foot there since spring last year (and even then I was just forced). Going there makes me realize how men must feel when we insist that they accompany us when shopping. Ladies, don't do that; it's brutal. Half a day of visiting each and every single nook and cranny of every single shop for hard drives and routers is just pure torture. Me, I want a router, I go to Yodobashi, pick one, buy it, and go home (the men's version would be: Me, I want a T-shirt, I go to the mall, pick one, buy it, and go home).

Anyhoo, the cameras aren't mine. These are, though.

A snowflake pendant. Maybe if I wear it often enough it's finally going to snow. I know I already went snowboarding, but I want to see the snow falling. In Tokyo. I got it from this store in Shibuya, for less than a Starbucks latte. Oh, and I got the matching earrings too. Really, snow already. Moving on...

It's a handcuff pendant! And they open and close for realz (in fact the hadcuffs serve as the clasp). I just found it interesting, although it looks a bit less handcuffy when worn. But I laveeet still.

And, well, since it's cold and, errmmm, soon-to-be-snowy...

Winter boots! Yay! I swear they're so comfy and warm, and it's like walking on carpet. Oh, and they're dirt cheap too.

My boots (with the fur) with my white Eddie Bauer parka which I got during the break. I love love love this jacket! Apart from the fact that it came with a huge huge huge discount (I'm an outlet-park whore, see), it's really really warm sans the bulk. It's also a windbreaker which is great because the wind here can be insane at times. Oh, and did I mention it's machine-washable? My only problem with it is that I have gotten so attached to it that my other jackets are about to stage a protest. And then this one came along.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, here has a military green jacket with fur on the hood. So I figured I want one too. Oh, and all the fuzzy furry things in the jacket (including the warm lining) are detachable, which means I can use this when I get back to the tropics.

And speaking of, I also got my lootbag from the Philippines!!!

Special thanks to Donna for the Christmas present! I love Christmas presents because I don't get a lot anymore. Heehee.

At first I found it weird that she gave me a donut for Christmas (and I received it on the first week of January). Eheh, turns out it's soap.

I also got a couple of things from Candice, back when we kept enabling each other to order make-up.

LaurEss foundation, Aromaleigh Hi-Def finishing powder and Rococo blush, which I have yet to try.

I also got my AWG stippling brush which was quite tiny (which is a good thing). It's shown here with my (very dirty) MAC187.

And I also got a FINO card holder from the office exchange gift because I have like a billion cards already.
Anyway, it's extremely late and I have to sleep, but let me end with a food pic:

Aligue pasta, or cellulite in a bowl. I swear I will never cook this again anytime soon - it's just too sinful. But then again, I have really low EQ. ^^


  1. dami mo binibili ah. let me know kung meron kang gusto na di urgent, papadala ko sa nanay ko pagpunta nya dyan sa march. :)

  2. i love the boots, i love the white parka!

    is that berocca sa tabi ng mac mo? you do know nakakagana yan kumain?

    sana sipagin rin ako magpic ng mga pinagbibili ko hahaha. pero you know me...tamaditis.

  3. @dots: sige isip ako hehehe. sumama ka na lang sa nanay mo :D

    @anj: yep, it's berroca. iniinom ko lang pag feeling ko magkakasakit na ako. hehe. mag-post ka na ng pics!!!

  4. another shopping galore? hahaha loveit

  5. at talagang nakatago palagi yung face mo sa pics. anoburrr haha

  6. @chelo: I like your pic!!! ^^
    huhuhu i can't stop myself. pero it's not like i'm splurging naman (lahat nito ay mega-bargains) so i guess it's ok. ^^