I have got to stop buying Uniqlo hoodies.

But they're just so pretty and cheap and I can't help it. I even made a mad dash to the department store Uniqlo in Kawasaki, because the mega-Uniqlo in Lazona ran out of the pink ones in my size.

Now I know I don't deserve this, what with me burning my carpet this morning, but I also bought a houndstooth-print scarf from the Gap because it's pretty and warm and 70% off.

Anyway, hafta go. Work tomorrow. Ugh.


  1. i love your boots. i love that military jacket, even if it's found everywhere. i'm coming to japan.

    but really, is it so expensive there, or would it be possible to live and eat within a budget?

  2. hi bea!!!
    visit me!!!
    pero i haven't been to a lot of places and i can't speak japanese so baka di ako ok na tour guide.

    hmmm, fastfood here is around 5-10USD.
    cheapest meal i've had is around 3USD hehehe. so it's possible. as for the accomodations, etc. i wouldn't know because the company pays for it. transportation is expensive though.