Cooking Pinoy

So I was on the speaker phone talking to my lola, and my mom, and a couple of my aunts and uncles.

Mama: Did you go out for dinner?
Me: No, I cooked.
Mama: And what did you cook?
Me: Arroz caldo.

And everyone, and I mean everyone, suddenly started laughing hysterically, like it's the funniest thing ever - me cooking arroz caldo. See that's how my family shows love and affection. They're probably telling the story to other people and having a good laugh about it now.

Anyway, I was never really the family cook. I grew up with my two aunts who won't let me do any household chores because they were too OC about it. And then in high school, I had to stay in the dormitory. Same thing with college. And then when I started working I lived with my cousins and sister and they had more free time since they're students so they took care of the cooking. And when I go home and attempt to cook my brother would hover and go "not like that, like this" and if it's not him it's my mom who would do the exact same thing so there.

At any rate, I discovered I do love to cook. That in no way means I'm good at it. But so far I haven't poisoned myself so I would say I'm okay.

This is the aforementioned arroz caldo. It's actually egg-caldo, I don't really like chicken. And yes, that's a hefty dash of pepper on the side. Whenever I'd have arroz caldo in my grandma's house it would always have too much pepper because the dispenser has a huge gaping hole, so one shake and it's doomsday. And I don't see what the big fuss is about me cooking this one because it's just garlic and ginger and rice and water and chicken cubes (because I didn't add chicken). You saute the garlic and ginger, add fish sauce, add the rice, and when it's translucent add the water and chicken cubes and then wait for it to cook.

This is my best adobo to date. I used pork spareribs because the chicken pieces in the grocery were just too tiny. The problem is I can't document the recipe because I just emptied out the bottle of apple cider vinegar into the marinade so I don't know how much I put. But it almost tastes like home. ^^


  1. uy, getting ready na for marriage life haha

    doce, bridal shower na'to! harhar

  2. ahahaha chelo, gutom lang yan. at gutom lang din to. ^^

  3. married life! im so sorry. haha.

    sige na, pagbalik mo may bridal shower ka na! :)

  4. hahaha sorry ella talagang desperate na for a bridal shower ang mga tao e. haha

    in fairness sobrang nakakaguton ung itsura nung adobo mo! patikim naman nyan. :)