So yesterday we were discussing how we've bought everything we could possibly want (at least the high-ticket things like laptops, cameras, and such) and so now we're happy and content.

And then this morning, lo and behold :

The Canon Powershot D10, available this May. Shock-proof when dropped from shoulder-level (although they never did specify whose shoulders we're talking about here), water-proof up to 10m, and freeze-proof up to -10 degrees for better snowboarding pictures (and videos). It kinda looks clunky which I like; I'm not to keen on the usual camera silhouettes (in fact before this one I wanted the Powershot E1 which looks candy-ish). 

A couple of my friends have been bugging me on how Canon doesn't have a waterproof camera and so they have to make do with the plastic watertight cases (although you know, it's not like I have a say on the camera designs - I'm not even remotely involved). Well here it comes, and I'll be damned if I don't get one. 

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