Weekend EQ Meltdown

I had the entire day to post this and now it's five minutes before midnight. Procrastinate much?

Anyway, I just had this major EQ meltdown yesterday. I was in charge of touring a couple of business trippers around, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at things), the only activity I have mastered is shopping. So I dragged them all the way to Yokohama to visit the Mitsui Outlet Park in Torihama. There is a nearer one in Minami-Osawa, but it's a tad bit smaller. Anyway, Anj is pressuring me, so I'll cut the babble.

It's actually a pretty charming mall. And there are a lot of pretty dogs and incredibly cute babies (as you know, ugly babies are illegal here hehehe).

So anyway, here's the damage:

Daredevil red Nike Free sneakers. Now, I have this love-hate relationship with Nike Free. I love them when I look at them and hate them when I try them on. They just never look good on me, I swear. I've tried so many times. Now this particular pair is actually for men, but I found them really really pretty so I tried them on, prepared to accept the fact that they would look horrible, but surprise, surprise, they actually look good. How can I not purchase?

I dropped by Eddie because I've been meaning to use my 1k yen gift certificate which I got when I bought the Parka. And then I found this half-trench on sale for 5k which is not bad, and then when I paid for it, I got an additional 20% off, so combined with my gift certificate it's only 3k yen for this one. Oh, and the lining is removable so I can wear this when I go back home. And then they gave me another 1k yen gift certificate for March. Ahck. And just so you know, the original price for this is 27,300 yen. How crazy is that? Apparently it's made from this "intelligent fabric" called DiAPLEX. I'm not sure if it's really worth the exorbitant price tag but I got it for a steal so I'm not complaining.

Right after I said I have way too many trenches, I found another one on sale, so the running count is now five, which is five more than what a girl from the tropics would need. I forgot the name of the store but the brand is One After Another, and I really like it because apart from the 70% discount, the lining is pretty. Actually I'm thankful for the lining itself because cheap coats would usually have no lining at all which is just sad.

And then in this store called Next Door, which I really really like because you get fabric bags for your purchases, no matter how cheap, I found shirts going for 300 yen each! Sadly only two were in my size, so I just nabbed them both (the blue and brown ones). And then I also got this sheer top from Last Call which I could use as a cover-up for the beach. Yes, I'm shopping for beach things in the middle of winter.

And then I also got what can only be described as the gayest coin purse ever. But I'm in desperate need of a coin purse and this one has card holders to boot.

Actually, I'm pretty happy with the stuff I got, and I don't regret any of them (yet). Most of the time my impulse buys are the ones I love the most. I guess it's because when you go to a store hunting for something and you can't find what you want you just settle for the best there is even if you don't really love it that much just because you really really need it. But when you know you don't need it but you buy it anyway then you probably are so in love with it, right?

At any rate, I've gone through my "EQ budget" for the month so I'm going to enter a dry spell until the next payday comes. My apologies to Kit and Jenny because instead of accompanying them, they ended up accompanying me as I went shopping. They look happy, though. ^^


  1. haha ella! wala kang tigil sa kakashopping?! hurrah! haha.

  2. grabe tol!!! mapapagalitan na kita! hehe! addict!!!