Mail Day

I love Tokyo, I really really do. They have the most awesome postal service ever.

So I bought some stuff online last week and I think it was delivered last Tuesday. Of course I wasn't home, and it required a signature, so they weren't delivered. Now here's the cool thing. If they're unable to deliver your package, they leave you with an "Undeliverable Item Notice" slip, which probably has instructions or what not that I can't quite read. But the point is, you can either go online or call their English hotline, and you can specify the date and time frame when they can deliver your package (they actually deliver until 9). I scheduled mine for delivery today from 12 to 2 pm and it's here, right on the dot.

And here's the even cooler part - for a pretty huge box, I didn't even get taxed! Back at home, I had to go to the Central Post Office to pick up my teeny tiny parcel (which was just in an envelope, for crying out loud), and then I had to pay a 15 Php handling fee. Now I know that might not be much, but if you factor in the cost of having to go all the way to wherever that is (I'll be honest and admit that Rodmaykel actually picked them up for me because I'm a brat like that) and the hassle and having to file for a leave because they're not open on weekends it's just pure annoyance. Although it did discourage me from ordering online, whereas this Tokyo postal system is going to turn me into a beggar in a span of months. Just now I'm considering ordering books from Amazon because I miss reading, I really do.

Oh, anyway, this is what's inside:

I ordered Clinique online because it's helluva expensive here.

I'm actually shocked because all the while I thought I was getting smaller bottles, and these are double the size I was expecting. I got a Stila lip gloss as a freebie, but to be honest I'm not too fond of it. But all in all I'm very very pleased.

And then yesterday, in the spirit of Happy Friday (although I was one of the last to leave the office due to some project demands), I went shopping and bought mascara (I just realized my mascara is way way way past the 3-month retention period) and I chanced upon this brush.

I don't really know what it's for, but it looks like a foundation brush to me (the texture is like a MAC190). And from what I could tell from the illustrations, it probably is. It's actually lumped together with geisha makeup or at least that's what they looked like to me. I've been really meaning to get a foundation brush for my tinted moisturizer because I don't like using my hands for the simple reason that I often get foundation on everything I touch thereafter (like my favorite white Parka). I don't like sponges either because you have to wet them and when I'm in a hurry I just don't have time to scoot to the kitchen sink and back. Have I justified it enough? Do I have to mention it's super soft? And that it has flowers? And that it came with a couple of things I assume are palettes? And that it's pretty?

I really ought to blog about something other than hauls.

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  1. mommy, what have you been up to? blog! blog! blog! hehe.