This week is earthquake week. Not earthquake awareness week. Earthquake week.

From JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency):
04:59JST 30 January 2009 Intensity 3.8
06:52JST 02 February 2009 Intensity 5.8
14:43JST 02 February 2009 Intensity 3.8

Although for Tokyo, the JMA seismic intensity is only 1 (why they don't use the Richter scale, I wouldn't know). However, I live in the third floor of a very lightweight building that is designed to sway in the event of an earthquake. So it is very much felt. During the first two quakes I was cocooned in my bed, which is quite scary because my "bedroom" so to speak is a half-coffin, half bunk-bed that sits atop my hunch-in crawl-in closet.

The next quake happened as I was telling oblivious people about the earthquake just that morning. Now prior to this I've only ever experienced three earthquakes - the first was the 1990 earthquake and I was right smack in the epicenter and amidst all the chaos I valiantly tried to save my crayons . The second was in college and we were watching The Bourne Supremacy (which I didn't get to finish ). The last one I was in the office and Japo was beside me and he jumped and the world shook and I really thought it was because of the impact. Hehehe.

At any rate I'm actually a bit thankful for these tiny earthquakes. For 25 years or so, Japan has been bracing itself for the Tokai earthquake. It's a major earthquake with a minimum intensity of 8.4 (Richter), and from records it occurs every 110 years, give or take 33. The last one was 1854. As you can see, it's very much overdue. And well, being tardy is not a Japanese trait. Anyway, I'm hoping these tiny earthquakes do some things to relieve the pressure off the tectonic plates. Of course I'm not entirely sure that's the case, but one can hope.

On a lighter note, this is my cocoon:
1) Moleskine
2) Cellphone chargers
3) Vicks Vapo-rub
4) Yellow floral pillow - inherited from Jenard (yes, the pillowcase was his)
5) White pillow from MUJI
6) Yellow "Holiday" pillow - inherited from Mau, especially useful on snowboarding trips
7) Tiny white pillow (yes that's a pillow) that came with the apartment
8) Decade-old comforter

And no bed bugs. ^^

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