It snowed today. In Tokyo. Finally! And lucky for me, it happened as I was on my way to the mother ship office.

I already gave up on snow in Tokyo when the temperature hit 20 degrees one weekend. I decided it's spring, and bid farewell to my Eddie parka and furry coat (and in the process also bought a dress). I can only be thankful I at least brought gloves today and had enough foresight to wear boots instead of my much preferred flats. By the time I got to the office the snow has turned to rain, but it was still unbearably cold, and I would much rather prefer that it never happen again. Sure, it's undeniably picturesque - the sight of the snow falling on temples and buildings and trees - but it quickly loses it's charm when you have to trudge all the way to the office with your ears about to fall off.

Anyway, my apologies for not being able to update lately. It's crunch time right now for our project and we were thisclose to reporting for work on a Saturday. I leave you with my latest bargain shoe find, and what's inside my shoe closet.

Not included in the picture are three pairs of boots, which occupy the bottom bunk. Also not included are the two empty rows which I have yet to fill. ^^

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