Weekend Haul

The Boss: "With all the things you buy, you should write a blog."

Well duh.

I was actually wondering how he finds out about the things I buy (I was actually afraid he was reading my blog, and considered posting in Tagalog, but that was before I remembered he was actually getting proficient) before I found out Barack Obama-lookalike ratted on me. Hmmmph.

Anyhoo, this weekend's haul is very very light for a couple of reasons. One is the weather - it was raining yesterday, and earlier today I tried to go out but it was so windy my EQ had to concede. The other is the Hello Kitty + MAC collection on February 13. And the last one is I'm dead tired from all the meetings I had last week. I was in the mothership office every single day, and I'm sure you know how much havoc it wreaks on my shoes (and feet). And then it started raining, so it got even worse. And then we started receiving complaints regarding work quality and all hell broke loose.

At any rate, I still cannot steer myself away from Shinjuku - it's almost a compulsion. I have to visit it once a week. Which is quite surprising considering a couple of months ago I wouldn't even go there alone. The Shinjuku train station is a huge huge station with like a billion exits - each takes you to a place very different from the other. Now I haven't memorized the whole place, but getting lost in Shinjuku is actually quite fun because there are hundreds of people walking aimlessly with you. Okay, so they may have been walking purposefully but still we were headed in the same direction.

So this is the haul:

NARS lipgloss in Chihuahua. Pretty pretty pink-peach color. It's not as sticky as most glosses, and I'm surprised it actually gives a hint of color. It smells and tastes horrible, however, but I'm taking that as a good thing because when glosses taste good I lick them off in a matter of seconds.

Black boots for 1050 Yen. I laveeet. I got it from this tiny store in Shinjuku station (St. Mary's, I think). I always visit because they always have this huge rack overflowing with shoes at 1050 yen each. This is actually my third pair, and they're quite comfortable and I could happily run after trains with them.

Last but not least:

Who the hell buys shades in winter?
Answer: Moi. I have never really managed going into Uniqlo without buying anything. But these aviators are cheap and pretty and don't fall off my non-existent nose, so I don't really mind.

The End.
To be continued...


  1. pwede mo ba din ako bilhan ng cute black ankle boots? hehe size 7.5 or 8. thanks thanks. magkano ba ang 1050 yen in peso?

  2. mommy - i love the aviators - bili mo nmn ako pls. also, is the chihuahua more pinkish or orange-y? is the nars multiple use stick available there? i'm considering getting one eh.

    mac liquid foundation is too cakey and tendency is to cause break outs nga. better go with liquid make-up for ever high def (kung meron diyan), if wala i swear by CHANEL promise (pero mahal). Or try the bobbi brown foundation stick. Pero since maganda nmn skin mo, why not just go for a tinted moisturizer? Try mo OLAY DEFINITY COLOR RECAPTURE. promise you're skin will love you for it. :)

  3. dots: i'll try to find you boots pero those on sale are broken sizes kasi.

    1) how do i give you the aviators? they're cheap lang (1050yen = 500php) so i can buy for you.

    2) chihuahua is pinkish. the nars multiple is available here but nars (and mac) is more expensive here than sa pinas

    3) i want to get nga yung mufe na hi-def pero i can't find it. and walang olay dito, bakit ganun? skII lang, pero juskulord naman ang price hahaha. padalhan mo na lang ako ng olay! i have yung regenerist na night cream, pinabili ko pa sa pinas x.x

  4. ang definity inoorder ko pa sa states. hahaha! magkano kaya ang shipping from singapore to japan? super okay ang regenerist. stick with it. :)

    weird that you found HD too cakey..compared to mac parang satin finish na sya ah. ang weird ang mahal ng MUFE ah!!! 10 lapad?! dito it's just 2500. hmmm maghahanap pa ako ng okay na alternative. pero promise, the chanel is worth it.