There's this Filipino couple who entered Japan using fake passports. They have a 13-year old daughter. Now the inevitable happens - they get caught. They now face deportation. Now they're seeking special permission to stay on the grounds that their daughter already has friends here and can only speak Japanese. Instead of dealing with deportation proceedings they launched signature campaigns and press conferences and basically just made a big media circus out of it.

Oh puh-leez, that is so transparent. Not to mention utterly distasteful to use your daughter as an anchor to stay in Japan. I don't see how I can possibly sympathize. If anything I feel for the kid for being raised by such conniving people who won't take responsibility for their actions. I don't see how getting knocked up should absolve anyone of illegal entry.

I say deport the parents, and then refuse them entry into Philippine soil.
(Story here.)

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  1. uh, illegal entry is illegal entry. i really think that if they were really thinking about things, they would have made arrangements about this rather scampering about after they got caught. if the kid speaks english, she should be fine even if she moves here.