So today I decided to go to work a wee bit earlier. Usually I go running after the 8:29 train, although I always end up in the 8:35. Well today I was able to catch the 8:19 train. And I must say, it's nice to be able to take my time walking from the station to the office. Tokyo is always in a mad rush, it's nice to take a breather once in a while. Oh, and the moment the boss saw me he went "What happened to you!?!" and it took me a few seconds to process before I realized he was referring to my being in the office 10 minutes earlier than usual.

Anyway, I just think it's time to share my latest addiction. And no, it's not make-up. And to tell you the truth, I used to hate this store to death, because it reeked and you can smell it from a kilometer away. But now I am so hooked on Lush. In fact, when I realized how much I actually spent in this store in a span of weeks it was a wee bit shocking. Oh, and the SA in the Shinjuku branch now recognizes me whenever I enter the store - she exclaims "aaaaa!" and waves at me (because she knows I can't speak Japanese, so what's the point of words, right).

This is how it started: Honey I Washed the Kids body soap. Because I ran out of Dove and I needed a soap bar that is hopefully not drying.

Needless to say it's wonderful. It smells yummy and now so does my bathroom and the laundry that I hang in there to dry. My tip should you decide to be swayed into buying one is to do away with the honeycomb thing on top - it's pretty but it's also pretty useless. And since Lush soaps are bought by the gram that's just extra junk you're paying for instead of soap.

My second runner-up is Porridge. It smells so yummy I almost bit into it when I was sniffing it in the store. I would use this everyday if not for the mess it leaves in the shower because it has oats so it's a bit icky. I also tried Rockstar and Godmother (which is called "Oh! Fairy" here in Japan; go figure) because they're pink, but well, I'm kinda hooked on Honey I Washed the Kids. Disclaimer: if you hate sweet scents, don't try any of these.

Now on to the stuff I tried but wasn't sold on: Whoosh shower jelly (I feel it's too much money for body wash, and I'm not too crazy about the scent either), Mask of Magnaminty (this has good reviews, though), Coalface facial soap (it smells like burnt tires and whiteboard markers, the lather is gray, and it's very very very drying), and Imperialis moisturizer (greasy as hell). Oh, and I also tried the Bath bombs to destress, but it stained my tub and so after the not-so-relaxing bath I had to do some major scrubbing which is kinda annoying.

Anyway, if I could have only one Lush product (and I just mentioned this yesterday but what the hell), it would be Sympathy for the Skin.

It's my best purchase ever. Of course now I'm halfway through the tub because I keep slathering it on, but it just smells so comforting and yummy.

Now for the record, I'm not buying from Lush because it's natural and against animal testing and all that jazz; to be honest I don't really care. Actually if anything, I'm more wary about "natural" and "organic" products because more often than not it's just marketing to jack up the prices. Besides, if a product is not natural, where's it from? Mars?


  1. syempre inisip ko pa kung papatulan ko ung last sentence mo. haha pero wag na. masyado na geeky pakinggan e. :)

    kelan ka pala uwi for vacation?

  2. ella, bad news. sold out narin sa changi. try ko sa takashimaya on sat. *cross fingers*

    kadiri ang lush. pero parang nacoconvince mo ko try sympathy for the skin. hehehehe. grabe super dry skin ko dito.

  3. naku anj, nung una din hate na hate ko talaga yang lush no. nagulat na lang ako bigla ako naging convert hahaha. waaaah sana meron pa sa takashimaya. x.x

  4. mommy sorry, sa lahat din ng pinuntahan ko na mac dito, sold out na