Money can't buy you EQ

Hello, people who read my blog. Weekend's over. You know the drill. (In case you don't, it's a haul again. Duh.)

1) Hello Kitty butter cookies from The Boss, because he made me update him with the project progress on a weekend.

2) Catalogues sent by his wife, upon finding out there were three shopaholics in the office.

3) Books from Kinokuniya. Yes, I get to read again! Books come with a cover to avoid judgment hehehe.

4) Benefit haul - Benetint, Posietint, Eye Kohl, High Brow, and 10 (which by far is my favorite, picture below). It came with a free Bad Gal mascara in blue.

5) Chuck Taylors. The pink one is from the Spring Collection, and it is the exact shade of pink I like (#FF0066). The brown one is leather and it was on sale, so...

6) Adidas bags from Ueno. These were going for almost 80% off. And to think I would've bought them for full price (OK, not entirely true - I would've bought them for maybe 50% off).

7) Yellow shoes from the bargain shoe store. As always.

Recipe of the week: Garlic buttered shrimps. I simmered them first in Ginger Ale (substitute for Royal Tru-Orange) and it's gooooood.

Random vanity picture of the week: NARS Exhibit A.