Baby Steps

Step One: Buy a new watch

The original plan was a silver cK girly watch, but it was just too blah. So, meet my new baby!

As always, I had half the metal parts removed because I have abnormally thin wrists. I'm saying goodbye to digital because at 18 (hex), it's about time I learn to tell time using analog watches (I mean I can but not too fast). When I get enough practice the pink Rolex Daytona is waiting.

Step Two: Shop, as always

There was a new Uniqlo store building in Shinjuku, and I really really wanted to visit and, you know, pay homage. So off we went to the West side even if I'm strictly an Upper East Sider (hahahaha feel - but seriously, though, it's always Shinjuku East exit for me).


Quite possibly the most gorgeous dog ever! And outside the Chanel boutique at that. I wanted to go near but I'm a wee bit scared. But he was so big and fluffy and clean.

Moving on...

I wish I had a better picture, but trust me, they weren't kidding when they sad this was huge. And quite frankly, it's stressful. We only managed to venture into the first five floors or so and Marci and I called it quits. So many people, so many clothes, too little time and space.

Excuse the bare feet - shoes not allowed in the fitting room. This one's from Uniqlo's UT Designers Invitation. There were a lot of nice interesting pieces but this to me was the most wearable. I realized I haven't bought clothes in a long time. It was always coats and scarves and, well, make-up. So I bought... a couple more things.

Just a nice yellow short-sleeved hoodie for summer, and a couple of ribbed tank tops because with all this loss of appetite I've actually lost enough weight to be able to wear tank tops without having to inhale constantly.

Step Three: Eat, Drink, and be Merry

Photo taken during the Art/Berna surprise party
Grabbed from Bet, Taken by Loki

OK, so my appetite is still MIA. But, I did manage to snarf down half a kebab with "hot sauce for hot girls" if the Kuya running Cherry Kebab is to be believed. Oh, and he said "Salamat" so I guess we are so obviously Filipina.

At any rate, I'm not too eager to start eating anyway. Here is the universe helping me to lose weight, and it's not like I'm feeling weak or anything, so I'll just enjoy the weight loss while I'm at it. And I'm positive the appetite will be back when I'm face to face with lechon. And my mom's cooking.

I'll be home soon, I promise. Hopefully, with less excess baggage.

Hay! Men!

Ito ang blog ng mga tunay na lalake.

Panalo! I laveet!

Tandaan: Ang tunay na lalake ay walang abs.
At, napagtanto ko lang, ang mga Hapon ay hindi tunay na lalake dahil mas maganda silang lahat sa akin.

At ang tunay na babae ay walang mga di-kailangang letter H sa pangalan.
Maliban kung bading, kahit tatlo pa, carry lang.


That no matter how crappy things  get, no matter how people change, no matter how much you lose and how much you hurt, the universe would always have something to amaze you.

(Picture of me and the giant manta ray courtesy of David)

Shopping in the Rain

I should be landing on Philippine soil by now. Oh well.

I promised myself I'm going shopping today, rain or shine. And of course it had to rain. And the universe seemed determined to keep me at home. I actually planned to drop by Shinjuku after work yesterday, but I forgot my point cards, and here you can never go shopping sans the point cards. So I had to reschedule to today, torrential downpour aside. I actually had to go back home twice before making it to the train station - the first one to change because it was raining so hard and flats just won't cut it and I also changed my coat because it's considerably colder than I had anticipated, and then I had to make a second trip because I left my prepaid train card in the pocket of the coat I had discarded in favor of a warmer one.

I did manage to get a bit of shopping done, but I was in the train home by 6 because I was so so so tired and my coughing was getting a bit out of control. Yes, I'm still sick, but at least I can leave the house now. However, I still don't have my appetite back and I have given up trying to force myself to eat. Usually there would be some sort of food I'd be craving but right now everything makes me nauseous - even Pepper Lunch, if you could actually believe that.

Anyway, on to nice things. I've actually been on an online shopping spree and it's not until the packages started arriving one after the other that I realized how much I've bought. Just this morning I found this package in my pigeonhole and I can't for the life of me figure out what it was doing there.

Among other things, I got a couple of brushes from Coastal Scents which ships things incredibly fast. I realized I don't really want to spend a lot on MAC brushes, although the ones I do have I really really love. Of course there's a notable difference in quality, but there is an even more notable difference in price so no complaints here.

And then I also ordered a couple of mineral make-up samples from Buff'd and Joppa. I know I've been through this whole craze and whatever but the truth is, I've never really found a match. Well I do have stuff that "matched" but there was always something off. Anyway, since the postal system here is wonderful I thought I'd try stuff out again and I did find a really really really good match and it's Buff'd Ginger. So I ordered a full-size bag and hopefully that's that. I still love my MAC StudioFix and MAC Lightful foundation but for warm days, mineral make-up is preferable. And I've heard horror stories of summer in Japan so I want to be prepared.

And then today I got my package from Eyeko which is this British teenybopper whatever makeup company.

I got the tinted cream and the original cream and they actually look like frosting. The tinted cream looks scary but blends really well and the pink one is a bit pearlescent and reminds me of MAC strobe cream. I haven't figured out how to use them, though, but they do look promising.

So on to today's haul. My skin's been very well-behaved lately, ever since I started using - wait for it - MAC skin care. I know, it's crazy. I've been using MAC Studio Moisture Cream and Microfine Refinisher for a while now and I'm liking the results. However, I've been hunting for a good toner because the one I'm using (VMV Spring Fresh) is just too drying, so...

NARS Hydrating Freshening Lotion. I know Japan supposedly makes the best skin care products, right? So why NARS? Well, first of all, Japanese skin care products are ridiculously expensive. I know Shiseido is cheaper here, and I can get it from most drugstores and even my local grocery, but it's just nuts. One time I was looking for a toner and I found one for a thousand JPY and I thought well this isn't half bad, only to find out I missed one zero. Second of all, NARS skincare is actually made by Shiseido. Hah. And it's cheaper, and don't you just love the packaging? It's so clean and fresh and pretty.

And since I was there I thought I might as well get a second NARS blush.

Okay, so I never realized how filthy my NARS Exhibit A has become until I put it side by side with my new purchase, and I went oh, so that's what it's supposed to look like...

Always the sucker for scandalous colors, I bought Desire. It's a cotton candy pink, as opposed to the brilliant red that is Exhibit A. This probably rounds up my NARS blush collection, I don't think there's any other color I would want. I'm not a big fan of shimmery blushes because, well, hello pores, so that eliminates a whole lot, including the infamous Orgasm. And I don't do corals, too because they turn orange on me - I think it's my weird skin tone. And mauves just look dirty or muddy. At any rate, as bright as Desire is on the pan, it looks quite nice and natural when applied with a light hand (and you can always buff out with a flat-top brush if you overapply).

The last thing I got is just a glass tumbler from Starbucks, where I sneaked into because it was very cold outside and I thought I could use some hot coffee.

And that's that. I would like to say there's more to come but I'm a bit out of sorts these days. See, I can't even do shopping well.


Ehehehe I know I know another post. See this was the entire day Sunday:

The only thing missing is the Macbook. So anyway, on the few hours that I was actually awake and able to, well, do things I stumbled upon Happy Slip. I know, I'm about 2 years late in this discovery. I actually watched one of her videos before but it didn't wow me or make me happy (as it turns out it was just a Christmas greeting so it wasn't meant to do either) so I didn't really watch the others.

Anyway out of sheer boredom I decided to give a couple of videos a go and well, granted it's not the most hilarious thing in the Internet (Minesweeper the Movie still takes the cake, followed closely by 300 the Bisaya version) but it did make me chuckle a couple of times. Well, more than a couple of times. I love love love the auntie - the laugh, the quips, the mannerisms. "You know, my daughter is valedictorian" ahahahahahahahaha. And the "more processed meat" jingle (to the tune of 12 days of Christmas) is spot on - from the coffee to the towels to the year's supply of spam. And you know, my folks back at home do call it a hap-islip, so bonus points for that. Not that I wear one but at some point I think I did own one.

The point is some things deserved to be given a second chance. (Moral lesson? Ahahaha what up!)

Happy Monday

So I was forced to go home early today, hence the blog post.

As you probably already know from the previous post, this weekend was hell and so much more. Yesterday I spent the entire day in bed, and for a not-so-brief moment I actually considered calling one of the GA sisters to please please please take me to the doctor. Which I didn't, because after the lost-room-key incident I promised I will be on my best behavior and quit being a troublemaker especially during weekends and ungodly hours of the day.

I was actually hoping things will be cheery this morning, but of course they weren't. So I called my boss and told him I'd like to go see the doctor, so he told me to report to the office at 10 and one of the GA sisters (FYI: they're three wonderful lovely ladies and they coined the term so I use it) will accompany me to the clinic which is just in the second floor of our office building.

The doctor had a frosted pink stethoscope, and on his desk there is a cross section of the male genitalia. It's the usual examination - peek into your mouth, listen to your breathing wheezing, et voila! Diagnosis! Actually I have no idea what the diagnosis was, all I know is "you're breathing is... fine, and he will give you medicine for cough". Good enough. So I pay for the consultation (1080 JPY with insurance, fair enough), and we proceed to the drugstore to buy meds.

So by this time I'm getting a wee bit anxious about the cost of the meds. In the Philippines I could always ask for the generics so I don't have to pay as much, or I could skip the meds altogether if I felt like I was being ripped off. But here, as I'm not the one doing the talking, I'm practically helpless. So the drugstore lady calls my name ("Yappu-sama") and proceeds to bring out a helluva lot of medicine.

For cough! I don't even have a cold, or fever. And then I peeked at the receipt and I saw a "7" and I thought to myself OMG, seven thousand yen, that's two NARS blushes and a Lush bath melt but what the hell, health is something I should never scrimp on. And then the lady nudges the receipt closer to me, and I almost laughed out loud because all I had to pay was 760 JPY. Eheh. Gotta love that health insurance.

So now I'm downing 6 pills after every meal. Two are for cough (they're of the same kind, I just have to take two at a time), one is for the inflammation, one if an antibiotic, and another one is for the stomach because antibiotics can be harsh to the stomach. And then there's another one and I don't know what it's for, but I don't know which is which anyway.

Anyway, after the whole check-up thing I returned to the office despite the requests from the GA sister to "please take a day off" because, well, I didn't cancel my trip home just to stay home and be sick. (Side note: my boss is actually worried that I might've gotten sick because I'm not able to go home ehehehehe). I told her there's a meeting I really have to attend, which is true. At any rate, I didn't get to attend the meeting anyway, because my overtime is not approved because I'm sick. And at around 5:30, the big boss kept hovering, waiting for me to turn off my PC and go home. He probably would've booted me out if he can.

Since I had a whole lot of extra time I dropped by the drugstore to, well, do some shopping. Because of the meds I'm forced to eat three meals a day. Now I really have no appetite since Saturday. All I've eaten since is two spoonfuls of oatmeal, half a banana, and twelve strawberries. And that's it. I'm also having difficulty eating because my throat really really hurts. So my boss recommended I buy one of those jelly diet supplements because they should be easier to swallow. So I bought a couple of different variants to see which tastes best.

I had the pink one for dinner, and it's not bad. It's like slurping JellyAce with a straw. And I actually feel full. For breakfast tomorrow I'm having the Minute Maid Morning Banana, because it says morning hehehe. The blue one scares me because it's Ajinomoto. Ahahaha.

Anyway, I did a bit of a haul just to cheer myself up a bit. All these I got from the drugstore, too,

I bought a couple of surgical masks, because it's part of proper "coughing etiquette" to wear one. This I learned from the bird flu pamphlets we received this morning in the office. It's actually excellent timing because just now I have this pimple on my chin which will now be covered up nicely. And then I got Nivea My Silhouette! for no reason at all. I'm trying to rack up my brain on whatever possessed me to buy it. Maybe because it says "Smooth Gel & Good Feeling"? Well, I'm running out of Lush Sympathy for the Skin anyway (but I promise I will re-stock next weekend).

I also bought Nivea Creme because I hear it's quite good and I'm also running out of moisturizer (I've been using MAC Studio Moisture Cream and it's really really really good, maybe I'll review later when I've finished the tub). And a Shiseido eyelash curler just to compare with the Shu Uemura one. And I must say there's a reason why Shu has a cult following. And last but not least, Fasio shockproof mascara, which I really really like, but wasn't able to find until today. I think they're actually phased out because they're promoting some new ones.

Anyway, that's it for today. I am under orders to rest and sleep well, and so I shall.


It's a great day for shopping - it's sunny and the temperature range is quite comfortable. What I hated about shopping in winter is that you're wearing so much crap and so many layers that it's such a hassle to try things on. Well now I can actually go outside in flipflops sans the fear of my toes falling off and the weather forecast promises no precipitation so it's perfect.

But of course today, of all days, my body chooses to be sick. I blame the crazy weather the past two weeks, stress, and homesickness. The temperature swing lately has been insane - 10 degrees in the morning as I chase the train to work, 25 degrees during (Pepper) lunchtime, and 5 degrees with strong winds as I walk across the pretty parks in the Shimo office. As for the stress, I've been on the edge since Good Friday, and it's about time I tumble to the depths. And then add in the fact that I've been so looking forward to many many many sticks of isaw and, well, are you even surprised I'm bedridden and coughing away one fine Saturday afternoon?

Oh, and funny story. So just a couple of minutes ago I clambered on to the bed, and I felt what seems to be wetness in my nose, and I thought oh, great, now I have colds too. So I run my hand across my nose and tadaaaa, it's red! I'm having a nosebleed. And so I panic because, well, my sheets are white, and to tell you the truth I don't really know what you're supposed to do when you have a nosebleed. The last one I've had was when I was really really young and back then my mom knew what to do. Now usually for things like this I'd consult the Internet but I didn't want to open my Macbook because who would want blood all over a pristine white laptop?

Anyway it was over in like 3 seconds, and it turns out I did the wrong thing - I turned my head up; you're supposed to lean forward. Turning the head up will cause you to swallow the blood, which I did. But well, vampires are all the rage these days anyway.

At any rate I still managed to get some shopping done (repeat after me: stimulate.the.economy). Thank God for online shopping and free international shipping (hey, it rhymes). Although I do hope I recover from all this wheezing because tomorrow is another promising day. If anything, I could at least be thankful for the loss of appetite; if I don't shed a couple of pounds after this ordeal I'm raising hell.

It's a No Go

So, as it turns out, I'm not going home after all. Actually, I was the one who suggested to just go ahead and cancel. It really is a critical time and staying here makes a lot of sense. I wouldn't want to go on vacation and wonder about how the project is doing the entire time. Or go on vacation and face a shitload of work (and customer complaints) when I get back. Although to be honest, I really do feel quite useless in the project at this point. It's been ages since I did any coding at all, and I'm just hopeless in project management. I can't be relied on to do a detailed inspection of project schedule proposals, nor am I useful in keeping track of the project status. All I'm good for is calling everyone in the office at home and nag them to please please please submit the daily status report.

Anyway, I've had two scoops of Haagen Dazs Vanilla drowned in fresh milk (you should try it it's really really good) so I'll be fine.

Oh, and on to the good things. The Japanese government has decided to give a cash hand-out to every citizen to help stimulate the economy (you can read about it here). Now I don't know about everyone else, but I have been doing a great deal of stimulating the economy ever since I landed. Anyway, the point is, foreign residents registered before February 2009 are also qualified to receive the cash handout, which amounts to 12k JPY. That's 37 Pepper rice meals if you eat in the Fuchu branch (it's cheaper by 200 JPY). Or 4 NARS blushes. Or 1/6 of an LV Neverfull.

At any rate, this basically sums up my excuse for what I'll be doing this weekend. The universe practically dictates that I shop. So be it.

Shit Happens

So, after looking forward to and getting all excited about the beach, shopping, isaw, lechon, and all the people I miss, it turns out I might not get to go home anytime soon. The project comes first, and we all just have to grin and bear it.

Kyoto Kyoto - The Shopping Part

Have I told you about how I made a mad dash from Car 9 to Car 3 of the Shinkansen on the way home from Kyoto? Did I mention I also happened to be carrying a total of 4 bags with me because I'm just a hopeless shopaholic?

We weren't really in Kyoto for shopping (remember I was with a couple of Y chromosome bearers), but I'll be damned if I don't get to sneak in a couple of things. Since it was drizzling we'd sometimes sneak into a shop to, well, thaw ourselves, and we chanced upon one which sold really cheap stuff (well, relatively cheap). Everyone ended up buying the same Japanese-style umbrella in the same color just because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course we didn't consider the fact that we'd have to lug the damn umbrella everywhere we go. At any rate, it's too big (and fancy) for daily use and I already have a lime green umbrella from Uniqlo so this is going to the pasalubong pile.

Speaking of, I also bought two Japanese dolls for the simple reason that they were cheaper in that store. Again, I did not consider how I am going to schlep them home. But they did get here without any damage (I hope), so there.

They are actually surprisingly detailed. I'm a bit afraid I'd get really low quality stuff because they're cheaper but as it turns out I got a real good deal.

I also got a set of Matryoshka dolls from the same store, because it's the first time I've seen them being sold in Japan. The popular type is the Kokeshi doll, but I like this one better (5 dolls for the price of one heheheh).

And they even have sakura prints so it's quite apt. All in all I'm pretty satisfied with everything I bought even if they're kinda bulky. However I do regret not buying the stuffed dancing chicken - it's hands down the funniest toy I've ever seen (move over Tickle-me Elmo). If you press one of its wings it starts doing this funny dance (with music, natch) and then if you try to lift it by its crown it starts clucking and struggling and oh, it's just too funny for words.

Now this is actually quite a bit idiotic but I quite laveet so I don't care. See, we went to this aquarium with whale sharks, so naturally I'd want a souvenir. Now I remember before when we went to Subic Ocean Adventure I really regretted not buying the stuffed killer whale so I thought, well this time, I'm getting something.

Well I did and it's kinda big. But it's so cute and it only came in two sizes, and a tiny stuffed toy is quite pointless, so I got the big one (which the sales assistant mercilessly stuffed into a tiny paper bag. See, it even has gills and dorsal fins. And it's actually smiling but you can't see from the pic.

Anyway, I know it's not much but I seem to be developing quite a bit of an EQ (I did stop myself from buying the stuffed chicken and a couple of scarves and trinkets and things). Although I'm probably off to Shinjuku in a bit so we'll see.


I know, I know, my blog is practically naked. I figured I've had it with the fancy templates - I never really came across one that was, well, perfect. And since I spent a good portion of the day de-cluttering the apartment anyway, I thought my blog deserved to be overhauled too.
Everything's been so stressful lately - work, home, going back home (really, buying pasalubong for everyone is incredibly taxing). And I've just had the worst week ever - whenever it's a holiday in the Philippines and a working day in Japan my work increases by insane proportions. Like somehow they expect me to take over the work of the twenty or so people who are enjoying their holiday. Last Friday I left the office feeling so completely frazzled I just had to go to Shinjuku and recover my sanity at the MAC counter.
I'm actually supposed to go to an assignee outing today but I woke up with a really really nasty migraine so I had to stay home. Which is probably a good thing, anyway. When the ibuprofen kicked and I'm up and about I did what I've been dying to do for weeks now but can't because I simply have no time - I cleaned the apartment. Granted there is still a pile of clothes waiting to be ironed but now I can look around and not get stressed over how much clutter I've accumulated and how long it's been since I last vacuumed (I can only vacuum during the day because the walls (and floors/ceilings) are incredibly thin so it's really going to disturb the neighbors).
After sorting everything out (I have 3 boxes for "random baubles") which is a feat in itself, I did my laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed. Tomorrow I'll tackle the closet.

So anyway, after all that I was so dead tired I fell asleep at around 10. And woke up at 2 in the morning and can no longer fall back asleep. Which is why I'm blogging in this ungodly hour. Hey, at least it's not another haul (that'll be for later).

Kyoto Kyoto

Ahh, where do I even begin? Oh right. Zero. Hardware engineers always begin counting from zero.

Day 0, also known as the Morning After I lost my key because I'm just so incredibly stupid.
It's Happy Friday, so we had a wee bit of time to pack cram. We left the apartment around 9 and headed to Shinjuku, where we will board the night bus for Osaka.

 The girls have matching bags, because we got them for a huge huge discount in Ueno. Mine's the one with the pink Chucks. For a moment there, as we were waiting in the bus station, it almost felt like Cubao. It even looked like Cubao (didn't sound like it, though). Our bus was a double decker, and it wasn't the most comfortable 8-hour ride, but that's what we get for being cheapskates.

Day 1 Murphy Day

We arrived in Osaka around 7. First order of the day: look for a restroom to freshen up and... do other things. Surprise surprise, after ten years of roaming the train station, no restrooms in sight. So we trudged of to the nearest McD's and ordered McGriddles just so we can use the comfort rooms, which were incredibly tiny, and when we arrived there were two girls hogging the lone bathroom sink to curl their hair (Marci: "Oh no, kalahati pa lang ng buhok niya yung kulot!!!").

Afterwards we looked for lockers to deposit our stuff. Usually when people travel they leave their stuff in lockers near the train stations so they aren't burdened with too much stuff while sightseeing. Nifty, eh? Wouldn't work in the Philippines, though - would you seriously leave your bag in a locker near Araneta-Center Cubao terminal station? Didn't think so. Anyway, lockers are one-time use only, meaning you can open them only once, so remember to make sure you have all you need with you, and have all you don't need in the locker before you close the door. Otherwise you have to pay for it again (it's around 200 - 600 JPY per locker; all our stuff easily fit into 2 600-yen lockers, and there were 9 of us).

First stop: Kinkakuji, or Golden Pavillion, so named because it's, well, covered in gold (leaf).

Next stop: Fushimi Inari, for "the ultimate Torii experience". Torii is a traditional Japanese gates, usually found in shrines. Usually there are a couple of Torii, but in this case there are well over a thousand - they make up a 4-km tunnel through the woods to the top of a hill. We didn't take the whole course; after a couple hundred Torii gates it just felt too orange. And at this point it was drizzling already, damn weather.

During the course of the afternoon we visited several parks, which must've been gorgeous had the weather been more cooperative. But it just had to rain, so all the pictures I had were of drenched cherry blossoms.

We had dinner at the Kyoto station, which I have to say leaves every other station I've been to in Tokyo in the dust. It's just so gorgeous and *insert superlatives here*. No pictures, though, which is a pity. After a couple of (failed) jump shot attempts, the universe took pity on us poor people and it stopped raining.

So we rushed to Nijo castle (via Nijojo-mae which is the winner of the best station name award) for cherry blossom night-viewing. We ignorantly thought we can do the whole night-viewing thing in 20 minutes, but it turned out to be waaaay more vast than we thought. It was really pretty, though, and it's such a pity I didn't get to watch the traditional show thing. At any rate, we had no choice really because we barely made it to the hotel on time (in fact David went ahead of us while we retrieved our stuff from the lockers just so we can keep the reservation).

We got to the hotel past 11, and it was actually pretty nice, for a dirt-cheap hotel.

But then, I'm quite easy to please. Give me comforters and a nice bathroom and I'm good to go. The bathroom is just a tad bit bigger than the usual Japanese hotel bathroom (all hotels I've been to have like a "template" bathroom). The bed is not so soft, though, but I was dead tired so I could be sleeping on concrete and it would've been fine.

Day 2 Death by Hanami

The weather forecast was "cloudy turning to fine", so we headed off to Osaka castle to see the cherry blossoms dry, for a change. We headed to Osaka Castle park, and there was certainly no shortage of cherry blossoms here. It's interesting how they can have shrines and castles in the middle of the metropolis without them looking out of place.

Now the original plan was to go to Universal Studios Japan, but, well, I'm not really a big fan of rides and amusement parks and all that shiz. See, I've never even been to Tokyo Disneyland, and I'm not raring to go either. So I opted to visit the Osaka aquarium instead, because I'm a geek like that.

Since it's still early, we decided to visit a couple more Hanami sites until I was sick of it. Hanami is really a big thing here - it's like a cross between fiesta and undas in the Philippines. Picnic mats are spread on every inch of grassy space, and they have barbeque and booze. And in one park there was even a marching band.

We also dropped by the Museum of Death, Depression, and Suicidal Tendencies, otherwise known as the Osaka Peace Museum. From what I could understand, the purpose is to remind people how destructive war can be. Osaka is one of the cities pummeled to the ground by war - it was a target of air raids, and in eight months the population was halved. Now anything related to war really depresses me - books, movies, museums, documentaries. Sure, there are the "heroics" but for me it doesn't overshadow the death and gloom. Everything is just so... heavy. I heard there's also a similar museum in Hiroshima, and my advice is, if it's ever in your itinerary, never go there last - that's all you would ever remember, and you don't want that.

Anyway, so finally we went to the Osaka aquarium. No pics, though. I thought I'd take videos this time. The boss was nice enough to lend me his 16Gb memory card so there was plenty of space (I can't, for the life of me, quite fathom how I would ever use up that much memory). And Osaka, like every other city here, has a giant Ferris Wheel. They just had to have one.

Thankfully, the aquarium didn't disappoint. They had two whale sharks, although they were pretty young, I guess, because they're (relatively) small. At least I don't have to go diving in Bohol anymore just to see one up close and personal. And they had a huge huge manta ray and several hammerheads. And they had a sloth which was so incredibly cute (David thought it was a stuffed toy hehehehehehe).

Going Home

We met up at around 7 in the same McD's where we had dinner. The Shinkansen station was a train ride away, and when we got there, we only had a few minutes to buy dinner. We didn't have reserved seats because we were boarding from the first station anyways. When we got up to the platform the train was already arriving. Now, we can only board cars 1-3, and at the time of boarding we were in front of car 9, so we made a mad dash towards car 3, only to find rows and rows of empty seats. And then just as we were about to settle down, we found out it's a smoking car, so we transferred to car 2 lest we reek of cigarette smoke the entire ride home, which was only around 2-3 hours.

And there you go.

I'll post more pictures when the people start uploading theirs.

Morning After

I'm still here in Tin's room (many many many thanks). I have to go to the office this morning to get the duplicate key after which I will go back home. The GA offered to deliver it to me here but I have already disturbed them in the middle of the night so I just took half the day off (off topic: yes, it's that easy, I just called my boss last night) and volunteered to get them from the office myself. But of course I have to go back home because I'm still wearing yesterday's clothes (GA: "I understand... It's a girl thing).

I must've apologized about a billion times (to my boss, to the GA sisters), but they do seem mildly amused. Now my boss is convinced I'm a troublemaker (I lost an ID before during my tech transfer trip). See before, my key already fell without me noticing, so as a workaround I hung three huge keychains so I can't drop it without noticing. And then I noticed one of them was getting dirty so I removed them and tadaaa, lost key. Anyways, so now he reminds me to be extra careful, because he let me borrow his 16Gb SD card for Kyoto. Which I have to go pack for. Agh.

My next update will probably be after Kyoto (I get back on Sunday) so have a happy, hassle-free weekend.

shit happens

So I said I was going to blog when I have something to talk about other than shopping and hauling and lemming. Well here you go. I am blogging with my iPhone in Tin's room but connecting to my Time Capsule because, wait for it, I lost my room key. And it's midnight. And I'm supposed to be packing for the trip to Kyoto tomorrow. As I always say, bring it on.