Baby Steps

Step One: Buy a new watch

The original plan was a silver cK girly watch, but it was just too blah. So, meet my new baby!

As always, I had half the metal parts removed because I have abnormally thin wrists. I'm saying goodbye to digital because at 18 (hex), it's about time I learn to tell time using analog watches (I mean I can but not too fast). When I get enough practice the pink Rolex Daytona is waiting.

Step Two: Shop, as always

There was a new Uniqlo store building in Shinjuku, and I really really wanted to visit and, you know, pay homage. So off we went to the West side even if I'm strictly an Upper East Sider (hahahaha feel - but seriously, though, it's always Shinjuku East exit for me).


Quite possibly the most gorgeous dog ever! And outside the Chanel boutique at that. I wanted to go near but I'm a wee bit scared. But he was so big and fluffy and clean.

Moving on...

I wish I had a better picture, but trust me, they weren't kidding when they sad this was huge. And quite frankly, it's stressful. We only managed to venture into the first five floors or so and Marci and I called it quits. So many people, so many clothes, too little time and space.

Excuse the bare feet - shoes not allowed in the fitting room. This one's from Uniqlo's UT Designers Invitation. There were a lot of nice interesting pieces but this to me was the most wearable. I realized I haven't bought clothes in a long time. It was always coats and scarves and, well, make-up. So I bought... a couple more things.

Just a nice yellow short-sleeved hoodie for summer, and a couple of ribbed tank tops because with all this loss of appetite I've actually lost enough weight to be able to wear tank tops without having to inhale constantly.

Step Three: Eat, Drink, and be Merry

Photo taken during the Art/Berna surprise party
Grabbed from Bet, Taken by Loki

OK, so my appetite is still MIA. But, I did manage to snarf down half a kebab with "hot sauce for hot girls" if the Kuya running Cherry Kebab is to be believed. Oh, and he said "Salamat" so I guess we are so obviously Filipina.

At any rate, I'm not too eager to start eating anyway. Here is the universe helping me to lose weight, and it's not like I'm feeling weak or anything, so I'll just enjoy the weight loss while I'm at it. And I'm positive the appetite will be back when I'm face to face with lechon. And my mom's cooking.

I'll be home soon, I promise. Hopefully, with less excess baggage.


  1. congrats with the new watch! yep, baby steps :)

  2. go go go retail therapy!

    (pero promise, enough with the weight loss already! masasayang ang new clothes mo pag nasa normal non-waif figure ka na)