I know, I know, my blog is practically naked. I figured I've had it with the fancy templates - I never really came across one that was, well, perfect. And since I spent a good portion of the day de-cluttering the apartment anyway, I thought my blog deserved to be overhauled too.
Everything's been so stressful lately - work, home, going back home (really, buying pasalubong for everyone is incredibly taxing). And I've just had the worst week ever - whenever it's a holiday in the Philippines and a working day in Japan my work increases by insane proportions. Like somehow they expect me to take over the work of the twenty or so people who are enjoying their holiday. Last Friday I left the office feeling so completely frazzled I just had to go to Shinjuku and recover my sanity at the MAC counter.
I'm actually supposed to go to an assignee outing today but I woke up with a really really nasty migraine so I had to stay home. Which is probably a good thing, anyway. When the ibuprofen kicked and I'm up and about I did what I've been dying to do for weeks now but can't because I simply have no time - I cleaned the apartment. Granted there is still a pile of clothes waiting to be ironed but now I can look around and not get stressed over how much clutter I've accumulated and how long it's been since I last vacuumed (I can only vacuum during the day because the walls (and floors/ceilings) are incredibly thin so it's really going to disturb the neighbors).
After sorting everything out (I have 3 boxes for "random baubles") which is a feat in itself, I did my laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed. Tomorrow I'll tackle the closet.

So anyway, after all that I was so dead tired I fell asleep at around 10. And woke up at 2 in the morning and can no longer fall back asleep. Which is why I'm blogging in this ungodly hour. Hey, at least it's not another haul (that'll be for later).

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