Ehehehe I know I know another post. See this was the entire day Sunday:

The only thing missing is the Macbook. So anyway, on the few hours that I was actually awake and able to, well, do things I stumbled upon Happy Slip. I know, I'm about 2 years late in this discovery. I actually watched one of her videos before but it didn't wow me or make me happy (as it turns out it was just a Christmas greeting so it wasn't meant to do either) so I didn't really watch the others.

Anyway out of sheer boredom I decided to give a couple of videos a go and well, granted it's not the most hilarious thing in the Internet (Minesweeper the Movie still takes the cake, followed closely by 300 the Bisaya version) but it did make me chuckle a couple of times. Well, more than a couple of times. I love love love the auntie - the laugh, the quips, the mannerisms. "You know, my daughter is valedictorian" ahahahahahahahaha. And the "more processed meat" jingle (to the tune of 12 days of Christmas) is spot on - from the coffee to the towels to the year's supply of spam. And you know, my folks back at home do call it a hap-islip, so bonus points for that. Not that I wear one but at some point I think I did own one.

The point is some things deserved to be given a second chance. (Moral lesson? Ahahaha what up!)


  1. san pa iba pwede i-apply yung moral lesson? hahaha!

  2. haha onga. madami pang pwdeng pag applyan ung moral lesson ;P

  3. another happyslip lover here! aside from her quirky family, tawang-tawa rin ako sa soap operas nya. once nga ni-memorize ko pa dialogues nung kambal sa isang episode. ang kulit eh. haha! panalo rin ang collaborations nya with kevjumba. =D -arlene-