Happy Monday

So I was forced to go home early today, hence the blog post.

As you probably already know from the previous post, this weekend was hell and so much more. Yesterday I spent the entire day in bed, and for a not-so-brief moment I actually considered calling one of the GA sisters to please please please take me to the doctor. Which I didn't, because after the lost-room-key incident I promised I will be on my best behavior and quit being a troublemaker especially during weekends and ungodly hours of the day.

I was actually hoping things will be cheery this morning, but of course they weren't. So I called my boss and told him I'd like to go see the doctor, so he told me to report to the office at 10 and one of the GA sisters (FYI: they're three wonderful lovely ladies and they coined the term so I use it) will accompany me to the clinic which is just in the second floor of our office building.

The doctor had a frosted pink stethoscope, and on his desk there is a cross section of the male genitalia. It's the usual examination - peek into your mouth, listen to your breathing wheezing, et voila! Diagnosis! Actually I have no idea what the diagnosis was, all I know is "you're breathing is... fine, and he will give you medicine for cough". Good enough. So I pay for the consultation (1080 JPY with insurance, fair enough), and we proceed to the drugstore to buy meds.

So by this time I'm getting a wee bit anxious about the cost of the meds. In the Philippines I could always ask for the generics so I don't have to pay as much, or I could skip the meds altogether if I felt like I was being ripped off. But here, as I'm not the one doing the talking, I'm practically helpless. So the drugstore lady calls my name ("Yappu-sama") and proceeds to bring out a helluva lot of medicine.

For cough! I don't even have a cold, or fever. And then I peeked at the receipt and I saw a "7" and I thought to myself OMG, seven thousand yen, that's two NARS blushes and a Lush bath melt but what the hell, health is something I should never scrimp on. And then the lady nudges the receipt closer to me, and I almost laughed out loud because all I had to pay was 760 JPY. Eheh. Gotta love that health insurance.

So now I'm downing 6 pills after every meal. Two are for cough (they're of the same kind, I just have to take two at a time), one is for the inflammation, one if an antibiotic, and another one is for the stomach because antibiotics can be harsh to the stomach. And then there's another one and I don't know what it's for, but I don't know which is which anyway.

Anyway, after the whole check-up thing I returned to the office despite the requests from the GA sister to "please take a day off" because, well, I didn't cancel my trip home just to stay home and be sick. (Side note: my boss is actually worried that I might've gotten sick because I'm not able to go home ehehehehe). I told her there's a meeting I really have to attend, which is true. At any rate, I didn't get to attend the meeting anyway, because my overtime is not approved because I'm sick. And at around 5:30, the big boss kept hovering, waiting for me to turn off my PC and go home. He probably would've booted me out if he can.

Since I had a whole lot of extra time I dropped by the drugstore to, well, do some shopping. Because of the meds I'm forced to eat three meals a day. Now I really have no appetite since Saturday. All I've eaten since is two spoonfuls of oatmeal, half a banana, and twelve strawberries. And that's it. I'm also having difficulty eating because my throat really really hurts. So my boss recommended I buy one of those jelly diet supplements because they should be easier to swallow. So I bought a couple of different variants to see which tastes best.

I had the pink one for dinner, and it's not bad. It's like slurping JellyAce with a straw. And I actually feel full. For breakfast tomorrow I'm having the Minute Maid Morning Banana, because it says morning hehehe. The blue one scares me because it's Ajinomoto. Ahahaha.

Anyway, I did a bit of a haul just to cheer myself up a bit. All these I got from the drugstore, too,

I bought a couple of surgical masks, because it's part of proper "coughing etiquette" to wear one. This I learned from the bird flu pamphlets we received this morning in the office. It's actually excellent timing because just now I have this pimple on my chin which will now be covered up nicely. And then I got Nivea My Silhouette! for no reason at all. I'm trying to rack up my brain on whatever possessed me to buy it. Maybe because it says "Smooth Gel & Good Feeling"? Well, I'm running out of Lush Sympathy for the Skin anyway (but I promise I will re-stock next weekend).

I also bought Nivea Creme because I hear it's quite good and I'm also running out of moisturizer (I've been using MAC Studio Moisture Cream and it's really really really good, maybe I'll review later when I've finished the tub). And a Shiseido eyelash curler just to compare with the Shu Uemura one. And I must say there's a reason why Shu has a cult following. And last but not least, Fasio shockproof mascara, which I really really like, but wasn't able to find until today. I think they're actually phased out because they're promoting some new ones.

Anyway, that's it for today. I am under orders to rest and sleep well, and so I shall.

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