Kyoto Kyoto - The Shopping Part

Have I told you about how I made a mad dash from Car 9 to Car 3 of the Shinkansen on the way home from Kyoto? Did I mention I also happened to be carrying a total of 4 bags with me because I'm just a hopeless shopaholic?

We weren't really in Kyoto for shopping (remember I was with a couple of Y chromosome bearers), but I'll be damned if I don't get to sneak in a couple of things. Since it was drizzling we'd sometimes sneak into a shop to, well, thaw ourselves, and we chanced upon one which sold really cheap stuff (well, relatively cheap). Everyone ended up buying the same Japanese-style umbrella in the same color just because it seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course we didn't consider the fact that we'd have to lug the damn umbrella everywhere we go. At any rate, it's too big (and fancy) for daily use and I already have a lime green umbrella from Uniqlo so this is going to the pasalubong pile.

Speaking of, I also bought two Japanese dolls for the simple reason that they were cheaper in that store. Again, I did not consider how I am going to schlep them home. But they did get here without any damage (I hope), so there.

They are actually surprisingly detailed. I'm a bit afraid I'd get really low quality stuff because they're cheaper but as it turns out I got a real good deal.

I also got a set of Matryoshka dolls from the same store, because it's the first time I've seen them being sold in Japan. The popular type is the Kokeshi doll, but I like this one better (5 dolls for the price of one heheheh).

And they even have sakura prints so it's quite apt. All in all I'm pretty satisfied with everything I bought even if they're kinda bulky. However I do regret not buying the stuffed dancing chicken - it's hands down the funniest toy I've ever seen (move over Tickle-me Elmo). If you press one of its wings it starts doing this funny dance (with music, natch) and then if you try to lift it by its crown it starts clucking and struggling and oh, it's just too funny for words.

Now this is actually quite a bit idiotic but I quite laveet so I don't care. See, we went to this aquarium with whale sharks, so naturally I'd want a souvenir. Now I remember before when we went to Subic Ocean Adventure I really regretted not buying the stuffed killer whale so I thought, well this time, I'm getting something.

Well I did and it's kinda big. But it's so cute and it only came in two sizes, and a tiny stuffed toy is quite pointless, so I got the big one (which the sales assistant mercilessly stuffed into a tiny paper bag. See, it even has gills and dorsal fins. And it's actually smiling but you can't see from the pic.

Anyway, I know it's not much but I seem to be developing quite a bit of an EQ (I did stop myself from buying the stuffed chicken and a couple of scarves and trinkets and things). Although I'm probably off to Shinjuku in a bit so we'll see.


  1. akin nalang yung pink umbrella!!!
    and kelan pala punta mo phils? on what specific dates? :)

  2. anj, it's really really big and it's red. hehehe.
    april 25 - may 9, inclusive of flight dates. ^^
    are you going home then?

  3. ano ba gusto mo gawin mommy? like ano ba yung nakakapagod na activity for you? or better yet, sabihin mo na lang kung ano ung ayaw mo gawin. check mo email ko sa doce.

  4. @dots: ok na ako sa beach. or shopping. or dinner. or coffee. ^^

  5. let's shop and eat and have coffee sa greenhills? umuwi ka na! huhuhu.