Morning After

I'm still here in Tin's room (many many many thanks). I have to go to the office this morning to get the duplicate key after which I will go back home. The GA offered to deliver it to me here but I have already disturbed them in the middle of the night so I just took half the day off (off topic: yes, it's that easy, I just called my boss last night) and volunteered to get them from the office myself. But of course I have to go back home because I'm still wearing yesterday's clothes (GA: "I understand... It's a girl thing).

I must've apologized about a billion times (to my boss, to the GA sisters), but they do seem mildly amused. Now my boss is convinced I'm a troublemaker (I lost an ID before during my tech transfer trip). See before, my key already fell without me noticing, so as a workaround I hung three huge keychains so I can't drop it without noticing. And then I noticed one of them was getting dirty so I removed them and tadaaa, lost key. Anyways, so now he reminds me to be extra careful, because he let me borrow his 16Gb SD card for Kyoto. Which I have to go pack for. Agh.

My next update will probably be after Kyoto (I get back on Sunday) so have a happy, hassle-free weekend.


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