Shopping in the Rain

I should be landing on Philippine soil by now. Oh well.

I promised myself I'm going shopping today, rain or shine. And of course it had to rain. And the universe seemed determined to keep me at home. I actually planned to drop by Shinjuku after work yesterday, but I forgot my point cards, and here you can never go shopping sans the point cards. So I had to reschedule to today, torrential downpour aside. I actually had to go back home twice before making it to the train station - the first one to change because it was raining so hard and flats just won't cut it and I also changed my coat because it's considerably colder than I had anticipated, and then I had to make a second trip because I left my prepaid train card in the pocket of the coat I had discarded in favor of a warmer one.

I did manage to get a bit of shopping done, but I was in the train home by 6 because I was so so so tired and my coughing was getting a bit out of control. Yes, I'm still sick, but at least I can leave the house now. However, I still don't have my appetite back and I have given up trying to force myself to eat. Usually there would be some sort of food I'd be craving but right now everything makes me nauseous - even Pepper Lunch, if you could actually believe that.

Anyway, on to nice things. I've actually been on an online shopping spree and it's not until the packages started arriving one after the other that I realized how much I've bought. Just this morning I found this package in my pigeonhole and I can't for the life of me figure out what it was doing there.

Among other things, I got a couple of brushes from Coastal Scents which ships things incredibly fast. I realized I don't really want to spend a lot on MAC brushes, although the ones I do have I really really love. Of course there's a notable difference in quality, but there is an even more notable difference in price so no complaints here.

And then I also ordered a couple of mineral make-up samples from Buff'd and Joppa. I know I've been through this whole craze and whatever but the truth is, I've never really found a match. Well I do have stuff that "matched" but there was always something off. Anyway, since the postal system here is wonderful I thought I'd try stuff out again and I did find a really really really good match and it's Buff'd Ginger. So I ordered a full-size bag and hopefully that's that. I still love my MAC StudioFix and MAC Lightful foundation but for warm days, mineral make-up is preferable. And I've heard horror stories of summer in Japan so I want to be prepared.

And then today I got my package from Eyeko which is this British teenybopper whatever makeup company.

I got the tinted cream and the original cream and they actually look like frosting. The tinted cream looks scary but blends really well and the pink one is a bit pearlescent and reminds me of MAC strobe cream. I haven't figured out how to use them, though, but they do look promising.

So on to today's haul. My skin's been very well-behaved lately, ever since I started using - wait for it - MAC skin care. I know, it's crazy. I've been using MAC Studio Moisture Cream and Microfine Refinisher for a while now and I'm liking the results. However, I've been hunting for a good toner because the one I'm using (VMV Spring Fresh) is just too drying, so...

NARS Hydrating Freshening Lotion. I know Japan supposedly makes the best skin care products, right? So why NARS? Well, first of all, Japanese skin care products are ridiculously expensive. I know Shiseido is cheaper here, and I can get it from most drugstores and even my local grocery, but it's just nuts. One time I was looking for a toner and I found one for a thousand JPY and I thought well this isn't half bad, only to find out I missed one zero. Second of all, NARS skincare is actually made by Shiseido. Hah. And it's cheaper, and don't you just love the packaging? It's so clean and fresh and pretty.

And since I was there I thought I might as well get a second NARS blush.

Okay, so I never realized how filthy my NARS Exhibit A has become until I put it side by side with my new purchase, and I went oh, so that's what it's supposed to look like...

Always the sucker for scandalous colors, I bought Desire. It's a cotton candy pink, as opposed to the brilliant red that is Exhibit A. This probably rounds up my NARS blush collection, I don't think there's any other color I would want. I'm not a big fan of shimmery blushes because, well, hello pores, so that eliminates a whole lot, including the infamous Orgasm. And I don't do corals, too because they turn orange on me - I think it's my weird skin tone. And mauves just look dirty or muddy. At any rate, as bright as Desire is on the pan, it looks quite nice and natural when applied with a light hand (and you can always buff out with a flat-top brush if you overapply).

The last thing I got is just a glass tumbler from Starbucks, where I sneaked into because it was very cold outside and I thought I could use some hot coffee.

And that's that. I would like to say there's more to come but I'm a bit out of sorts these days. See, I can't even do shopping well.


  1. I can relate to the NARS issue -- how come it gets grubby after some time no? :)

  2. getwell tol. .
    eat fruits and drink lotsa h2o.
    mwuahhh ;p

  3. @teeyah: i know! how do you keep it clean?

    @tin: aba, at may blogger ang bruha. heheheh