It's a great day for shopping - it's sunny and the temperature range is quite comfortable. What I hated about shopping in winter is that you're wearing so much crap and so many layers that it's such a hassle to try things on. Well now I can actually go outside in flipflops sans the fear of my toes falling off and the weather forecast promises no precipitation so it's perfect.

But of course today, of all days, my body chooses to be sick. I blame the crazy weather the past two weeks, stress, and homesickness. The temperature swing lately has been insane - 10 degrees in the morning as I chase the train to work, 25 degrees during (Pepper) lunchtime, and 5 degrees with strong winds as I walk across the pretty parks in the Shimo office. As for the stress, I've been on the edge since Good Friday, and it's about time I tumble to the depths. And then add in the fact that I've been so looking forward to many many many sticks of isaw and, well, are you even surprised I'm bedridden and coughing away one fine Saturday afternoon?

Oh, and funny story. So just a couple of minutes ago I clambered on to the bed, and I felt what seems to be wetness in my nose, and I thought oh, great, now I have colds too. So I run my hand across my nose and tadaaaa, it's red! I'm having a nosebleed. And so I panic because, well, my sheets are white, and to tell you the truth I don't really know what you're supposed to do when you have a nosebleed. The last one I've had was when I was really really young and back then my mom knew what to do. Now usually for things like this I'd consult the Internet but I didn't want to open my Macbook because who would want blood all over a pristine white laptop?

Anyway it was over in like 3 seconds, and it turns out I did the wrong thing - I turned my head up; you're supposed to lean forward. Turning the head up will cause you to swallow the blood, which I did. But well, vampires are all the rage these days anyway.

At any rate I still managed to get some shopping done (repeat after me: stimulate.the.economy). Thank God for online shopping and free international shipping (hey, it rhymes). Although I do hope I recover from all this wheezing because tomorrow is another promising day. If anything, I could at least be thankful for the loss of appetite; if I don't shed a couple of pounds after this ordeal I'm raising hell.


  1. hope you feel better soon!

  2. wow i love it that you're still so positive - "tomorrow is another promising day". hehe. hawahan mo naman ako nyan. :)

    uso ang nosebleed kahit dito dahil super oa sa init.

    don't tell me sa november na ang uwi mo?

  3. am coming home around may or june siguro. hehe asap! i'll book a flight as soon as we wrap this project up

  4. sana around mid-May yan. ;))
    Maglalagay na ako ng birthday wishlist ko. ahihihi. (peace)