Art Appreciation Day

Or, Engineer Torture Day. If the tickets weren't free, we would have slaughtered Frank in the middle of the goddamned Michael Sowa paintings that made absolutely no sense.

Okay, let's rewind a bit. The boss gave us free tickets to this art gallery in Ginza. So off we went, if only to say we were able to do something this Golden Week.

Let's just say that two seconds into it we were already anxious to get out. It was a triple whammy - the artist was German, and so were the titles and descriptions, the translations were in Japanese, and well, they were paintings. Trust me when I tell you that I do not have a single art-appreciative bone in my body. My first high school art teacher sold "bristol board" which was just overpriced cartolina and will bump your grade a notch higher if you purchase in bulk. The second one called all girls "Gretchen" and had us decorating the second floor windows with sequins. So there. I would much rather get Laplace transforms or have my wisdom teeth extracted than visit another goddamned art gallery, because I'm no poser like that.

Anyway, traumatic as it was, we did get souvenirs. Hahaha.

Now on to happy things. Remember we were in Ginza, the shopping mecca, which I never visit because 1) it's too far, and 2) it's bloody expensive. But now that I have the chance...

Louis Vuitton!!! No, of course not. I would never go shopping in Louis Vuitton. Can't afford it, don't quite get it, but I like looking around. They do have nice things that I just can't justify buying ever.

What I can afford, though, is H&M.

It's actually the first dress I saw when I entered the store and it's what I ended up buying. And it's super cheap (relative to everything else, of course); as I was paying for it, I kept looking at the price tag because I might have missed one zero.

For dinner we ended up in CPK (yes, California Pizza Kitchen) in Kawasaki. It seriously felt like a Saturday night in the Philippines - the food, the ambiance, the weather, even the prices. The tequila chicken pasta is loooooove. We forgot to take pictures, though, because we were starving.

And since I'm still on retail therapy I bought a couple more things.

The Body Shop Lip Butter and Body Butter in wild cherry. I'm normally not a fan of cherry, but it smelled soooo good I just had to buy a tub. It's just a small one anyway, for carrying around with me.

And then I went to Tomod's, which is a drugstore that always evokes snickers from the guys. I finally bought the Mandom Cleansing Express Moist, which is quite popular with beauty bloggers, and I can see why. It's a make-up remover ("Ready for bed as soon as possible") and it feels like water so it does not sting nor is it oily. And apparently if you're feeling really lazy you can just use this one and skip the facial wash. And it's pretty cheap, too.

And then I bought a bottle of Dove foaming facial cleanser because lately I noticed my skin is really really really dry, and all cleansers I own are for oily skin. I figured I should switch to something a bit milder, and you can never really go wrong with Dove.

On a more serious note, the heartache, the physical pain, the suffocating, depressing cloud of gloom, it all goes away, it really does. It might feel like it's never going to end, but one day you'll just wake up and find that you can function again. Just hang in there; there's always something to look forward to.


  1. damn it! i miss h&m!!!

    anyway, i totally agree with the last sentence. :) hang it there!

  2. maganda yung body shop olive! tell me if mas ok sa moisturization and lush sympathy for the skin vs body shop body butter. hehehe.

  3. anj, i finished one huge tub na of body shop olive na body butter. and i've tried na din yung cocoa. no match pareho sa lush sympathy for the skin, promise.