Hey, it works. This morning I can barely muster enough will power to get out of bed, and tonight I was practically skipping on my way home.

Today, our project finally made it to, well, a significant milestone. And can I just say that in the three years that I've been working for this company, and in this project, it's the first time for us to ever reach this point, and well, it's worth celebrating. It's not a perfect closure, and there are risks, and possibly problems in the next few weeks, but right now things are looking up.

The universe does do things for you. I'm actually very thankful that my trip home was cancelled. I was here during a big project milestone, and I believe this is where I should be at this time. And as I realized the past couple of days, had I gone home, I would have been, well, nuked, for the lack of a better world. Thank God I was here, in the safe confines of my room, one instant message away from my girls, when things started blowing up in my face.

Whenever I'm faced with something terrible, like, say, Philo oral exams, I'd always think of my future self - how happy and relieved and free I'd be once I get through the whole ordeal. And see, now the future self I've been envisioning for the past couple of weeks, or months even, it's finally here. Well, not quite, but we're getting there.


  1. which should mean you should be home soon!:)

  2. hay naku, ang swine flu naman kasi nakisabay!
    di pa tuloy sure hahahahahaha