Phlox Shmox

Back to normal programming. Enough with the drama already.
(This should tell you there's a haul somewhere in this post)

Yesterday marks the start of Japan's Golden Week. We have no work until Wednesday, which more than makes up for having to report to the office during Holy Week, don't you think?

Now I'm a firm believer in staying in bed until noon on Saturdays. But we had a scheduled trip to the Moss Phlox Festival so I dragged myself up even if every cell in my body was protesting. I normally don't pay attention to directions, and this was no exception - I figured we'd just hop on a train, maybe do a couple of transfers, and get there. I was so not prepared for a two-hour train ride (I should have known when we boarded a train with seats laid out in rows) and a 1.2 km hike under the blazing heat of the sun.

I at least had enough foresight to use sunblock on my face (Shiseido Anessa, and I suspect it's the culprit behind my skin getting dry and flaky), but my arms were bare and I was wearing my new short-sleeved hoodie (wrong choice of clothes in more ways than one). So after months of hiding under jackets to erase the T-shirt tanline I've had since forever, it's back again. Argh.

Apart from the sweltering heat, it was also windy, so there would be dust storms from time to time. Ahk. It seriously felt like the Taal trek all over again, only this time I'm with droves of people.

The view, however, is an entirely different story.

Drama picture courtesy of Lee's tripod and David's remote

This is what my future backyard would look like - a sea of pink gorgeousness. I can only imagine how much effort this took. Imagine tending to a garden that is only pretty for about a week each year.

Anyway, after we've had our fill of flowers (it took quite a while because David has a surprisingly high tolerance level), we went to this huge Mitsui outlet park, since we were in the area anyway, and it's too early to go home. No pictures, because when I saw how huge it is I panicked because I can't possibly have enough time to see all the shops. However, when we were halfway through we were just so tired, and I could still smell all the dust from the park that latched onto me, so we called it a day.

My haul is actually a tad bit strange and random.

A couple of tops, a bag, shades, a pair of flats, and food, glorious food. But it's actually nice to just look around and buy whatever catches your fancy. People should really do this from time to time, it's the perfect therapy.