Movie Night

Today was almost a typical Sunday back at home. I wake up late, shop til I drop, watch a movie, and have dinner with friends.

It's been ages since I last saw a movie. Like everything else, movies are outrageously expensive in Tokyo. But the boss had a couple of free tickets and we finally found a movie we could all agree on (Twilight was scrapped because of them boys) so off we went to Toho cinemas in Kawasaki.

souvenir pic courtesy of David

The theater wasn't anything special; in fact it felt eerily like Gateway, right up to the big tub of buttered popcorn (which I always get suckered into because the difference between the tiny one and the huge one is just 20 pesos).

The major, major, major difference is everyone is so quiet. No idiot translating everything to his seatmate and no annoying people complaining about the differences between the movie and the book out loud (it's an adaptation, get over it). However, at times it became too quiet, in fact even during the time that only trailers were showing I could hear myself munching on popcorn.

As for the movie, if you want to enjoy it, forget you ever read the book. If you expect every single minute detail in the movie to be like the book then don't even bother. Despite all the negative reviews I actually quite like it. My only beef - and this has been my beef ever since - is Tom Hanks. Of all the actors, why Tom Hanks. I don't think he captured Robert Langdon. And that swimming pool scene... *gag*.

Oh, and another huge difference - in the Philippines, the moment the credits roll, the lights turn on. Here, the lights are off until the very very end. I have never in my entire life, watched the complete movie credits. True, a few people left, but the majority stayed and patiently watched every single name roll across the screen. Like, oh, this person held Camera A, good for him. And hey, no animals were harmed in this movie, what a relief. Finally after a billion years the credits ended and it was time to go home.

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