Post-game analysis

In the end, all I really needed was my girls.

We've all been living busy lives. And still are. It's the price you pay for having friends who are smart and successful. We barely get to talk - with my crazy schedule and lack of YM in the office I've just been out of the general circulation for months now.
But right when I needed someone to talk to just to keep myself sane, they all happened to be there. Even my college roomie Pau, whom I never ever catch online, made a surprise appearance (in YM, that is).

And just like that, everything's bright and cheery.
I may often end up being one of the boys, but nothing could every replace my girls.
Now come visit me already!


  1. ohyes. effective tlg ang input ng doce. esp ung 'dirty old man' remarks care of dots&chelo. hahaha!

  2. hugs.

    retail therapy + irrational bitching + love = happiness

  3. awww! bakit wala ako sa pic?! tampo na ako :(