Rainy Day Bedtime Stories

1. Marci's Birthday Party, or The Day I Went Shopping for Other People

It was the perfect snuggle weather - it was pouring, and best of all we had no work. But, I promised Marvin Jay I would buy a gift for Marci so I headed off to Shinjuku. I decided to take my knee-high boots for a spin because soaked jeans are the biggest pain in the ass. I did not realize I would be making a tour of Shinjuku that day - first I went to Muji which is in the East exit, then I went to Frank Frank and Takashimaya which is in the South exit, and then back to Muji because I'm a total idiot, and then I went to the West exit (and to go there I had to pass by the South exit) to visit the Uniqlo mothership store to buy shirts for other people.

Now you should realize how tired I was because first of all, my boots have heels, and second of all, it's really no fun walking in the rain, and third, I had a lot of shopping bags, contents of which are not mine. I actually felt like I should buy something for myself, and I almost bought another tube of liquid foundation out of desperation but it probably wouldn't match anyway and it was getting late so I went home.

We had the usual birthday dinner (delata party + strawberry sponge cake), but since the following day is a holiday, and we had booze, we decided to watch X-men Origins: Wolverine via online streaming. Seriously that movie is so full of cliches we half-expected people to start dancing on the beach. Oh, and we got what appears to be some sort of unedited copy so there would be times when we could see the CGIs and the harnesses which is kinda funny. At one point, there was a caption that read "claws grow".

So that was that, nothing uneventful save for Frank screaming with fear when David nudged him hahahahahahah.

2. Not so Happy Friday, or The Day I Slipped in Front of an Elevator Full of People

This time, we had work, but I had no meeting and I just totalled my Aldo flats the day before so this time I wore sneakers. Now first of all, the floor gets really slippery when it's wet, and second of all, Chucks have very little traction, and third, I'm just incredibly clumsy.

Anyway, here goes. When I got to the lobby the elevator door was about to close, so I ran after it, and then all of a sudden I was staring at the ceiling. And then at the horrified surprised faces of everyone inside the elevator, the doors of which are half-closed already. But oh wait, they're opening again. They opened the door again. So I hoist my completely mortified self up and get in.

Things to be thankful for:
1) I did not slip again as I was trying to stand up
2) My pants did not rip, and I had no broken bones, I think
3) I was not wearing a dress
4) The boss did not see it
5) No one from my development group saw it (although they'd most definitely hear about it)

It's something I'd rather forget about but it's just too funny so I figured I'd just spread the joy so the moment I reached the office I told everyone about it, and now it's on my blog. No good every comes from taking yourself too seriously anyway.

Oh, and my vacation schedule has been approved.
Now if this H1N1 would just cooperate, I'll be home in a couple of days. ^^


  1. can't wait to see you!
    ingat-ingat sa ulan at madudulas na sahig. :)

  2. ingat sa swine flu! no "momol" stunts sa airport! haha. ok, i'll shut up now.

  3. @chelo, projection na naman? hahahaha malala na yan!!!