*This should've been posted days before but I had no internet access so there.*

It's 40 degrees outside. Yes, I'm home.

I was able to make it in one piece despite the H1N1 scare, the thirty-five kilograms of luggage I had to schlep all by myself, and the utter chaos in the airport which is usually the case for full flights to the Philippines. For some reason people feel the need to form lines on the gates twenty minutes before boarding, and then come boarding time, make it difficult for the people who are supposed to board first by congealing on the entrances and complaining and insisting on boarding first. I mean, goodness people, there is no shortage of seats. It's incredibly stressful, and quite frankly, embarrassing, how we are able to turn the very simple boarding process into utter chaos.

I was able to check-in quite early, so I was able to get a seat in the upper deck, which is the least frenetic region of the plane as there are less people so flight attendants are able to service you faster. The flight is probably the most turbulent flight I've ever had so far, but Bride Wars was showing and the food was good (the past few flights I found I was getting tired of JAL food but this time it's quite nice) so no biggie. I did spend a good amount of time waiting for my baggage but hey, what's new.

Oh, and the shopping. This is my fifth time in Narita airport, and I can't believe this has eluded me the past four times. I guess it's because I usually browse the stores pre-immigration, and post-immigration I usually go directly to the boarding gates. Big mistake.

I chanced upon a copy of Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, which I've been wanting to read for the longest time but I can't find a paperback. And then, make-up. Where do I even begin. Oh right. MAC. They still have stuff from the Hello Kitty collection, and everything from the Rose Romance and Sugarsweet collection, most of which are already sold out in Tokyo. However, I feel like most are old stock; their Lightful collection is still in the old packaging (it was repackaged months ago). Anyway, I got a trip set (an airport exclusive, I believe) in Neutral eyes and cheeks, and it's quite pretty.

And then I got Phenomen'eyes by Givenchy, which is the mascara with the ball brush, because I kinda wanted to try it out and see how it compares with drugstore brands. I also got a lipstick so I could get a free hand mirror. I know, I'm such a sucker for free things (which is discussed in great length in Predictably Irrational which I should have read before going shopping).

I also got a new eyelash curler from Shu Uemura because I packed my current one in a hurry and my hunch is that it will get smooshed in my check-in baggage and true enough it came out deformed, hence justifying my purchase.

I wanted to shop some more but my bag was terribly heavy and I also bought a shitload of Royce chocolates so that was it.

And now I'm at home with no Internet access (God knows when I'll get this entry posted), the airconditioner cranked up, rummaging through my mom's stuff to see which ones I can sweet talk her into giving me. And for lunch I just had crispy pata. Home sweet home.

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