The Tale of the Crying Wallet

The saga of shopping for other people continues. I blame it all on Globe. My iPhone was unable to connect to any service provider for weeks, and then they just had to reconnect my line last week. So the inevitable happens. My mother called.

Anak, ang shade ko pala sa Shiseido ay 40.

This is from a woman who complains that my Maybelline foundation is so expensive.
And then, punchline.

"Tapos yung tita mo, bibili ng moisturizer, pinigilan ko! Sabi ko, ibibili mo siya."

And you can never really tell your mother no, can you?
So now I'm a proud owner of a Shu Uemura member's card, a Shiseido member's card, a Takashimaya shopper's card, and a couple of freebies from buying stuff I wouldn't buy for myself because they're just ridiculously expensive.

Anyway, today I finally decided to set foot on Akihabara. Tin went with me, but we got so sidetracked by our conversation that we accidentally went up the wrong platform in Shinjuku (which is completely excusable, I must say, as the JR station has a billion platforms). So we got off the next station to transfer. And see, there's always a silver lining because look who's waiting for us there:

Not a big fan of the moustache, but I guess he'll have to do.

So anyway, we finally made it to Akihabara where I proceeded to unload all my hard-earned moolah on these:

Three.DSLite.Units. Not a single one for me. It hurts to even look at them. Those piglets will not get anything more from me until they're thirty. At first I was actually hesitant to buy three units because, well, that's just too much for one purchase, but the kuya seemed unfazed; in fact he asked me if I was still going to buy the red one together with the three blue ones. But that's Akihabara (and Japan) for you - buying a PlayStation is no different from buying paracetamol. You go to the counter, tell them what you need, pay for it, and leave with an empty wallet.

Anyway, the disaster continues. We headed back to Shinjuku, and well, we kept chatting, because how could you ever miss Shinjuku station? So we kept talking and talking, and, oh, people are getting off, let's go. So we get off the train and step into... Yoyogi station. We were one stop too early. But it should be no problem, we'll just take the next train. Except that there was no train for the next twenty minutes, for some reason unknown to us because, well, we didn't exactly understand the announcements (under normal circumstances there is a train every 5 minutes in the Yamanote line).

Thankfully, as we were standing in the platform, I caught a glimpse of Tokyu Hands and Takashimaya. So we decided to just walk to Shinjuku, which, as we discovered, is just five minutes away on foot.

Yoyogi station has the cutest escalator ever.

It's just what, six steps? But knowing the Japanese there would probably be a very good, smart, well-thought-of explanation behind it.

Anyway, on to the shopping. I didn't get to buy anything for myself, which is kinda depressing. I did find the coolest bag in the planet - it was made entirely out of aluminum can tabs (you know, the ones they collect for wheelchairs - is that even true?). I was thisclose to buying it, but after closer inspection we found that some of the metal part is corroding, and there's no way I'm going to part with my moolah (it's quite pricey) for something that's just going to rust away in a couple of months. I really liked it though.

Oh, but I did get these last Friday:

The shoelaces, not the shoes. It's sad I know.
But there's still tomorrow, and I heard stuff are cheaper at the airport, so I'm just waiting it out a bit.

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