Tingin-tingin lang

The boss found this in the "shopping" section of his Filipino phrasebook and he finds it funny. Well he also thinks "lalamunan" is a very cute word ("like a fairy"), and so is "mumog."

Anyway, the point is this:
Seven paperbags in about five hours is not too shabby. But not wonderful either. I hate mall-wide sales because apart from the billion people who flock to the stores, more often than not all the good things and new arrivals are pulled out to make way for decade-old stock that are still being peddled for 70% off (in Japan last season's frocks sometimes go for 90% off but, well, in the Philippines there is no such thing because we don't have a concept of "season").

Anyway, I was in Trinoma for a good two hours before I decided to buy something (shoes at Charles and Keith), and then hello Murphy, none in my size. Now at this point I have visited every shoe store (I even ventured into Nine West), and I did not find a single pair I liked (there is something seriously wrong with VNC; a hundred shoes, and not a single one is even remotely appealing) so in desperation I asked them to see if they have my size in other branches and luckily, the Eastwood branch did so they reserved it for me. See, this is what I missed - the ability to ask them if they have your size, if they have new stock, if they have your size in other branches, if they can reserve it for you; in general just the ability to, well, speak.

Long story short, I only managed to buy VMV skincare and underwear in what used to be my shopping mecca. VMV is offering 25% off on everything except Armada (their sunblock), thank God, because I don't really like buying stuff at full price when I know they go on sale every now and then. I have used up two bottles of their Superskin toner (which tells you I really like it because I can never really stick to one product) and I got two more to bring with me. The sales assistant was nice but pushy, and kept insisting I buy the cleanser and the moisturizer which I don't really fancy; the moisturizer, for one, is quite lumpy. Although I ended up buying Armada because I'm hunting for a good sunblock anyway (Shiseido Anessa would probably be really good for oily skin but it made my face flaky). And then I dropped by La Senza to buy underwear which is really the worst thing to shop for - it's just insane how much a couple of flimsy pieces of cloth cost.

Oh, and I also bought a Grab denim skirt from Chocolate. I used to own a lot of skirts back in college (it's the easiest way to dress up) but now I can't find them and this one's on sale. I actually went there to buy Ipanema flip-flops. They're a tad bit more expensive but they're softer and more comfortable than Havaianas. Besides, All Flipflops was having a sale so it's practically bursting with people and I don't want to deal with that.

So I was off to Eastwood - this involved 30 minutes of waiting for a taxi, but there was this huge fireworks show from SM City Notrh Edsa which was right across, so it was not so stressful (and can I just say, there's this dude beside me with a dSLR and he probably wanted to show it off so he starts taking pictures of the fireworks - with flash; ano buzz).

Ah, Eastwood Mall. Otherwise known as the death of my (future) paycheck. How can you save when Zara is only a couple of cartwheels away? I can imagine myself attending the three-hour videoconference full of complaints and releases and requests and heading straight to Charles and Keith to drown my sorrows in a new pair of boots. And it's actually quite pretty, but probably only because it's my first time to see it (I was actually here last night with a couple of officemates and I blabbered all throughout dinner and the succeeding hours thereafter).

Anyway, I went straight to Charles and Keith and got my shoes. Now, my cousin called me to inform me that the Aldo shoes I was wanting since the last time I was here were on sale. I told her to get them for me, but of course they don't have them in my size. Argh. So to make up for it I bought another pair of shoes from U.R.S. I was given a 10% discount because the sales assistant said I shopped there often. I told her no, I didn't but she insisted that yes, I was often there with my sister. Now my sister would not touch U.R.S. heels with a ten-foot pole, but she was kept insisting I shopped there often so what the hell, give me the discount.

At this point I was lugging around so much stuff that I had trouble fitting into the one person-wide escalators, so I decided to call it a day. Tomorrow I'll get a haircut and then I'm off to Greenhills. It's getting a tad bit stressful, but I can't really complain, can I?


  1. make the most of greenhills! inggit ako!!!!

    omg i bought so many shoes today. start na ng great singapore sale! will post on blog soon.

  2. hay naku anj, chelo and i are hopeless hagglers.
    si leal naman eh may nabili agad in a span of two minutes.
    i saw your plurk! post the pics na!!!

  3. natawa ko dun sa purle shoes..nagbigay ng discount si manong kahit di ako tumawad. haha. wala tayong galing.