Tingin-tingin ulit

I just read my previous post and it was so incoherent. My apologies; the stress is getting to me. Anyway, here's another one.

I woke up a tad bit late so I had to rush to my hair appointment at Soiree Salon in Katipunan. The name could use some work, but I've heard good things about it. It's a tiny place with only one stylist, which means you get to have some peace and quiet. The staff are not pushy, which I like; I actually had to volunteer that I wanted to have some form of treatment because my hair is dry. And when I asked them about having my hair rebonded again they told me it was still in good shape so it's not necessary.

I ended up getting the protein treatment and my usual hair cut. I've worn my hair the same way for years - long, straight, and layered, and as I will not be getting any more haircuts for six months, it's not a good time to be adventurous. Now this is a very basic haircut but for some reason, some people can still botch it up; good stylists are pretty hard to find (my favorite one resigned a couple of years ago and I've never found a replacement since). Anyway I can't say for sure if I'm liking this one because we'd have to wait until I wash it but so far so good (I've had haircuts before where my hair is in a ponytail an hour after I left the salon - it was so terrible not even a good blowout can save it).

So I left the salon with my hair essentially the same; just a tad bit shorter and healthier. I went to Greenhills to meet Chelo and (surprise!) Leal. We are quite hopeless hagglers, but we managed to do quite a bit of shoppings. I nabbed two pairs of flats, boxers, a couple of tops, a pair of shorts, and this scarf thing which requires a bit of analysis to put on. Quote of the day: "Oo nga miss yan nga size mo, mabalakang ka kasi".

Chelo had to leave early, so I ended up having dinner with Leal, Doti, and Jakes with boyfriend-of-the-year nominee Kev who skipped dessert to *gasp* study.

Lessons learned:

1) If you know people are stalking you (let's say, the friends of someone you messed with who are out for blood) and you decide to make a public blog post, never ever ever forget to use spellcheck and mind your subject-verb agreement. Or better yet, use Filipino - not only will everyone be able to comprehend your post, it will also minimize nosebleeds and leave you with a little bit of dignity. It would be less fun to read, though.

2) Women with unnecessary letters in their nicknames must be avoided at all costs. In particular, the following letters are frowned upon: H, Z, W. However, if said letters were added to the nicknames no later than 2001, it may be deemed acceptable.

3) A mug as a birthday gift is acceptable only if you are both in high school. And even then it's terribly uninspired.

4) You are only free to make rude comments about a friend's other half in the event that they break up; otherwise you must keep said comment to yourself until you die or your friend's other half dies, whichever comes first.

5) Hermes if for wives, and LV is for mistresses (courtesy of Sir Gad).
Corollary: Coach is for...

6) After a break up or any such similar event you are given three weeks to mope and whine and be a big pain in the ass, after which your friends are free to either ignore you or tell you precisely what they think.

7) It's what's on the inside that counts - always wear nice undies.


  1. So I'm curious. Coach is for?

  2. give me the link to #1. i wana seeeeeee!

  3. haha i love this post! :)

    always always and i say always wear nice undies! :)

    and i think medyo mataas naman ang success rate natin sa pagtago ng rude comments up until wala na sila sa picture. haha.

  4. wala man lang tayo kahit isang pic!
    thanks again ella for the goodies! :) mwah!

  5. siempre wala akong karapatan na awayin sya dahil sa ginawa nya. pagtatawanan ko na lang sya dahil sa sinulat nya.

  6. hahah yeah, kung hindi kaya mag-express ng thoughts in decent english, mag-tagalog ka na lang! haha o kaya i-friends only ang post.

    di ko pa din maisip kung para kanino ang Coach... replacement girlfriend?

  7. @sir gad: i was hoping you would have the answer.
    @anj: it was sent to our mailing list hihihi
    @chelo: i know!!! ang tamad natin mag-picture!
    @maymay: maalala ko lang no, wag mo kakalimutan mag-spellcheck ha. hehehehehehe.

  8. my guess is it's the brand upwardly mobile makati professionals get for themselves.