The Five-Minute Blog Post

Just because I have to keep this blog alive (more for me than for my 2.5 readers, I have this need to document my life somehow). Completely random ramblings. Numbered outline instead of bulleted list because numbers make so much more sense than bullets and provide easier reference (and I hope you are reading this, DV engineers who do not number their enumerations and lists in their documentation).

1. I am happy to report that I am now able to drink two full glasses of cassis orange without feeling extremely dizzy. And new discovery (i.e. ordered by accident): cassis-oolong is almost just as gooooood. If anyone can explain why this drink is not available in the Philippines when it is sold in practically all restaurants in Japan, then by all means enlighten me.

2. I actually missed my job during the break. Well not really, but I'm happy to be back. I was in full-on talaba mode at home (sleep, eat, play computer games, sleep, eat, TV, sleep, eat); at least now I'm a bit more useful. Or a bit less useless.

3. So the boss tells me that he has to keep himself from laughing at me during morning meetings because, and I quote, "I sound girly." I don't even know how to respond to that.

4. Weekend shopping: 2 books (David Sedaris and Malcolm Gladwell), 2 pairs of slacks from H&M, 3 Uniqlo hoodies (hoard mode because they were on sale), MAC lipstick (a recent discovery - it tastes like cake batter!!!), and random make-up stuff.

5. Kate, an offshoot of Kanebo, has the most amazing liquid foundation. Ever. End of story. I'll try this out for a couple more days and if they don't break me out (fingers and toes crossed), I'm buying twenty bottles. Have I mentioned it's dirt cheap? And I got it on sale? And that it's perfect? Granted, the plastic bottle looks extremely cheap, but it comes with a pump, and really, that's all you need.

6. Is it possible to gain twenty pounds in two weeks? Because I seriously feel like I did.

7. The rain is driving me crazy. For two straight days I've come home drenched and icky and tired (and drunk, but that's another story).

8. I'm on the hunt for the perfect mascara. The best I've tried is Majolica Majorca, and it's near perfect. However, I found that the only way to get it off is to take your lashes off as well. Givenchy was a sad sad disappointment; cool concept, but the formula sucks big time. And then everything else is just blah.

Time's up. See you again tomorrow.


  1. which david sedaris book did you buy? i have most of them, i probably lost one or two when i was moving back here or my brother lost it when he boxed up all my belongings when i left.

    let me know if you want to borrow them. oh and if you like david sedaris, i would also recommend augusten borroughs.

  2. mommy!!grabe ndi k lam kng san huhugot ng pagiging objective pra matapos ung th! bago b c sedaris?

  3. ella- tell me how the kate foundation works out!

    seryoso pala ako about august visit plans. when's your holidaY? :)

  4. @doti: i've read 'em all, i think. the most recent is when you are engulfed in flames.

    @maymay: i dunno if this one's new pero it's the first time for me to see it. but then i've been to the bookstore only twice so...

    @anj: i laveeeet!!! when you visit me here you can try it out for yourself. wala kami pasok august 9-15 and september 19-23. heehee. i love fasio din, pero mahirap din tanggalin!

  5. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Holiday rin sa amin ang Aug 10 - ilagay mo na sa calendar mo, ppunta na ako.

    Now to pray for a cheap flight.

  6. so wait, buong linggo aug 9 hanggang aug 15 wala kayong pasok?! bongga.

    aug 16 may pasok ka na?

  7. @anj: oo, buong linggo, ganun kami kalupet. hahaha. actually ganun sila ka-adik magtrabaho na pinipilit na sila magbakasyon.

    ay, warning pala, sobrang init dito nun hah.