Graduation Day

Today our official office party planner graduated from his post to make way for umm... fresh meat, I guess. Now this saddens me a bit, because I'm a selfish little brat and he has been making sure I get my cassis orange fix and who knows if the next party planner would even buy cassis orange?

Anyway, every party there's some sort of entertainment thing just to have something for people to fuss about. The past couple of parties it was Bingo and the prizes were stuff from the 100yen shops. This time it was Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu (Pop-up Pirate). If you've watched the Hard Gay videos (and you should, you really should) you would know what this is about. It consists of this barrel with a pirate on top, and you each take turns to insert swords into slots in the barrel until the pirate pops out. I have the Hard Gay version but it's a miniature.

Now in the hard gay video, the person who makes this happen loses, but in our case whoever does that gets a prize - you toss a coin and you either get a box of (critical) tissue or you get to select one of the special gift things. Luckily when I won (yes I won!!!) the tissue already ran out so I got to choose, and I picked out the one with a pink wrapper which turned out to be this cute furry keitai (mobile phone) holder.

See how godawfully cute? Bonus points if you can tell me what kind of creature it is.
It's a frog! No, it's a sheep! But why is it green? It's a worm! A caterpillar! It's a... ahh... it's a cute!!!

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