Isang Linggo

One week in Tokyo already; would you look at that.

It feels like a year, though. Work was just so draining this week; today I was actually feeling lightheaded, but that could be attributed to the patent reading. I hate patents. Worst documents ever. If I wanted to read this much I would have been a lawyer and earn big bucks, you know.

Oh, and last Wednesday I had my annual medical check-up. Everyone else already had theirs (mine was re-scheduled because I was on vacation) and yet no one felt the need to inform me that the clinic was a good fifteen minutes away from the office. ON FOOT. Needless to say my feet were for all intents and purposes dead when I got home.

As always it took ten years to obtain a blood sample from me - it has been a problem year after year. For some reason they have difficulty finding whatever it is they need to find by poking your arm repeatedly (a vein? artery?) My first medical check-up for work they had to pierce me twice and it bruised so horribly I looked like a heroin addict. This time the pretty, soft-spoken nurse probed my right arm, changed to the left arm, went back to probing the right arm, then the left again - you get the picture. Finally she gave up and called someone else, who did the exact same thing. After a few more decades she thinks she has found it, and so she inserts the needle, but oops, no blood. So she the proceeds to move the needle around for a good thirty seconds until finally she exclaims "Yatta!" and hurries to collect four vials of my precious precious blood (and it's precious only because it took years to extract) .

Anyway, apart from that it was work work work. To be honest I did miss work. And my morning Starbucks Discoveries Seattle Latte (yummiest coffee ever - it's really strong and really creamy which is quite difficult to pull off). And the real fast internet access. And Pepper Lunch. And the pretty apartment (although it's a mess right now, as always). And the outlet stores.

Oh, and today we received our bonus payslip. Though it was significantly less than last year's, I'm actually pretty pleased because, well, I was expecting worse than that because hello, recession. Besides, it's pointless to dwell on things I have no control over. There are a billion more things to smile about, like shopping tomorrow. Stay tuned. ^^

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