Me Likey

Hey, I haven't done this in a while.

1. Cassis Orange
Confession: I've been drinking at least two glasses a week ever since I got back. But when you've had a really really rough day why would you deprive yourself of a bit of alcohol during dinner? Anyway I've been trying out variations - cassis grapefruit, cassis oolong (ordered by mistake but it's quite nice too) - but the best is really cassis orange so I'm sticking to it. And this is probably the millionth time I've mentioned this drink so I'll shut up now.

2. When you are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris
I've always liked David Sedaris, but now I love him. Actually I kinda hate him - everything I wanted to write about Tokyo he managed to put into words, only a hundred times wittier. This had me chuckling to myself in the train, and it took a great deal of effort to tone it down lest I be mistaken for some crazy laughing hyena:
It was he who spoke my favorite line of the evening, five words that perfectly conveyed just how enchanting and full of surprises this Kabuki business really is: "That drum is my parents."
3. Kate Liquid Foundation in OC-D
It has the fugliest, cheapest-looking bottle (seriously, even Ever Bilena foundations are better packaged), but what's inside is probably the best foundation I've tried to date.

It feels very light, does not cake, but it covers all but the most stubborn discolorations. And it's the right undertone - not too pink, and not too orange either. And it's a breeze to blend - I apply with a flat-top kabuki and I'm done in two minutes, tops. The only downside is I use a bit more than, say, MAC studio fix, but at 1/4 of the price I'm not in the mood to complain.

4. iPhone SW 3.0
I got the software upgrade for free, and all of a sudden my iPhone is able to function the way a real mobile phone should - I can forward and delete individual text messages, send MMS, and yes, cut and paste. And I get to have Spotlight on my mobile phone, too, which is pretty neat. The changes aren't so revolutionary, but with all these teeny tiny changes the iPhone suddenly became something worth buying (I got mine for free and I never recommended anyone to buy it but now I would tell you to go get one).

5. Drip Coffee
Because I'm too poor (and lazy) to own an espresso machine, I'd have to be content with drip coffee. But hey, it kicks instant coffee in the nuts so it isn't so bad. And it's a breeze to prepare and clean up too - I buy those filter things with coffee grounds in them already and you just set it up on top of a mug and pour hot water and voila, I'm functional again.


  1. ella ella,

    san ma-d-dl yung 3.0 software? hehe.

  2. sa iTunes. automatic lang na-DL sakin, depende yata sa service provider eh. ^^