Party Week

A year or two ago my cousin brought home a magazine and there was this person who answered "party" to just about everything: "Party lang" "OK nga yun eh, mas party" "Basta party". And if you proceed to track down his Friendster account, it's one big party as well: "Me and my Party Mommy" "Party at Petronas" " Tragedy: Not Party". It was hilarious but has nothing to do with this post. I just remembered. 

So anyway the point is we have been doing a bit of party-ing this week.

Monday and Tuesday I had meetings in the mothership office so the boss and I had our hundred millionth sign-off party which is essentially dinner in some restaurant where I can't order by myself accompanied by lots and lots of alcohol (at least for him).

Wednesday is the office farewell party for Lee, who will be going home this week. I hate it when people go home because it reminds me that I will be going home soon, and I don't want to. At least, not right now. Life is too wonderful here. Granted, love life is zilch, what with the language barrier and the fact that Japanese men tend to be prettier than me (and wear skinnier jeans than mine), but that can wait. There are much grander things, like shoes and clothes and make-up.

So anyway, back to the farewell party. It's quite possibly the most wasted I've been, and even then I'm still very much functional. It's just a little difficult to walk in a straight line. And I only had five drinks: 1 cassis-orange (which was not so good; that restaurant sucks), 2 cassis-oolongs, 1 peach-lychee thing, and "first love" which is Calpis with i have no idea what but apparently that's what first love tastes like (I beg to differ; it's way to sweet). The next day I woke up fearing a major hangover which never materialized; I only had a couple of rashes because apparently the alcohol allergy thing is still there.

Thursday is rest day, and Friday night is (as always) movie night. This time it's Terminator. Now I haven't seen a single Terminator movie. All I know is Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Connor, who is Sarah Connor's son (and that is all thanks to the trivia game at the former office *waves at Eugene*).  Anyway it's all metal crunching. And a butt-naked appearance by the governor of California who wasn't even in credits because it's CGI. And a well-placed Sony Vaio product placement. Sorry Steve, there are no Macs in the future. But all in all it was okay. A bit idiotic at times, but okay. Although I did feel like watching The Devil Wears Prada afterwards - after all the gunfights and warplanes and combat boots it's time for Hermes and Jimmy Choos (speaking of, I visited the boutique in Takashimaya but I'm standing by the no-touch rule so I basically just gawked).

Saturday night is the Inagi farewell party for Lee, which involves squeezing all the residents (except one hehehe) of our apartment into one room. We will probably get a memo for too much noise again. The official party lasted until around 11, and the extended videoke session ended around 4, at which point the sun is already up and about.

Which brings us to today - I woke up around 2, planned to go shopping but laziness got the better of me, and so I'm stuck at home with a broken camera and a truckload of clothes to iron. Howell, party lang.

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