Scents and Sounds

Tokyo smells like the way it used to when I first set foot here. Actually it smells the way it does when I'm here for business trips. It smelled different when I was here as an assignee - it smelled less foreign and more like home.

I don't know what it is about me and scents, but nothing is more nostalgic than getting a whiff of the cologne you used to slather way back in grade school (ahem, Angel's Love, Angel's Breath, Angel's Smile, pretty much anything the angels have). I'm sure I have mentioned my rule of not repeating perfumes so I'd always associate them with one portion of my life (but I have broken this a million times over but maybe I'll do it all over again). Places have scents too, but they're annoyingly difficult to describe, but I'm sure you catch my drift. Anyway, the point is, Tokyo smells like the fun, mysterious, exciting Tokyo again; and not the comfortable, homey, same old Tokyo. It's a good thing, yes?

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