Just so you know, yesterday's post was the end-product of two glasses of cassis orange, otherwise known as the only cocktail I will drinking from now on. In fact, our monthly office party planner has promised me that he will not forget to have at least one can present for me during our drinking parties.

Today's post is brought to you by only one glass of cassis orange (taken while eating sukiyaki); I turned down the second round because I have physical exams tomorrow. And like most exams, if you fail, you have to retake (and shoulder the cost of the second try). With questions such as "Do you intend to improve your exercise habits?", I am so so so dead. If you really must know, my answer to that is "I don't intend to". Exercise and I, we don't get along well.

This afternoon we had a dental check-up (by very pretty nurses and doctors, I must say), which went like this.

I will check your teeth. Please open your mouth.
The doctor will now check your teeth.
You don't have bad teeth.
I will check your gums.
Your gums are fine.

It's almost like I'm in a video game or something. After the check-up the nurse with pretty pretty lashes handed me a pink toothbrush with a short demonstration on how I'm supposed to brush my teeth (to be fair I didn't know you're supposed to go from side to side - horizontally instead of vertically - in the area between your gums and teeth).

After the check-up the boss and I headed to the mothership office, which was an hour and a half away, to attend a 15-minute meeting. Argh.

After that we had dinner, hence the glass of cassis orange. Dinner with the boss is the only chance I get to eat in restaurants that are not "point-and-shoot" (you point to the stuff you want from pictures in the menu which is how we get by without having to utter a single Japanese word), and are more often than not subsidized so it's always a good thing.

And now I'm having a bottle of green tea-flavored Coke. It tastes like normal Coke at the onset, but it leaves a very distinct green tea aftertaste which I hate. But it's new and I wanted to try it out so there.

Oh, and the new iPhone is out. Not very appealing, I must say. 3 Megapixel camera? Higher megapixels on mobile phone cameras just scream interpolated pixels, which to me is cheating. And really, if you want decent pictures, then go get a digital camera, right? And then every other new feature seems to be from the iPhone OS 3.0, which I can get for free anyway (on June 17 - mark your calendars). So all in all it seems a bit blah. But let me rethink this whole thing when I'm a bit more sober.

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