As I mentioned in my previous post I went back to Harajuku today. I actually just wanted to go to Forever21 because it was pretty late already. It’s pretty easy to find – you take the Takeshita exit, and just follow the people. If you pass by people with bright yellow bags then you’re on the right track.
No one ever told me that Forever21 is really really cheap (for an international brand in Japan). It was crazy though; minutes after I entered there was already a line forming outside – the guards are already regulating the number of people inside. I spent a good hour inside the store after which I proceeded to H&M where I stayed for another half an hour trying on jeans (fail: one size is too small, next size is too big) and then it was already dark so I was not able to explore the rest of Takeshita Dori. Needless to say I’ll be back very very soon (I’m thinking in colder weather I could walk from Shinjuku to Harajuku).

Anyway, on to the haul. For some reason I spent a good amount of time on accessories; partly because they’re cheap, and partly because I just felt like it.

This is a black ring I got from H&M (it’s the only thing I bought because stupid jeans don’t fit). And it’s just black and huge and nice. I can’t really pull off dainty accessories anyway so I always go for bold chunky things.

This one’s from Forever21 and it spreads out to the finger next to the one wearing it.

This last ring I bought on a whim because it was near the counter and it was just so pretty (and gaudy and tacky but what the hell).
And then I bought a helluva lot of earrings because they were so cheap!!! I noticed I’ve been liking black a lot lately for some reason.

This is an entire set which is why I had to get all three. If it were up to me I’d just get the black pearl ones (I have black pearls from Palawan but I think I left them at home). Still, they were pretty cheap (I would’ve paid that price for the pearls alone).

And then I bought a set of faux pearls because I’m done worrying to death everytime my beloved Palawan pearls are misplaced (I wear them everyday).
Last but not the least: I got two shirts because they were really really cute.

And then in Shinjuku I chanced upon a new Kate foundation so I got a bottle because the old one is my favorite favorite foundation (and I’m about to run out because I use it everyday). I’m thinking they’re the same (it’s just re-branding) but we’ll see how it goes.

It’s not too much of a haul but it’s enough for me to survive the week to come. ^^

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