Haul Day

Things have been awful lately, and I’m PMSing maybe, so in the interest of positive thinking I went shopping.
First stop: Lush

I’ve been subsisting on free packets of Shiseido Golden repair I got one fine winter day in Shinjuku for more than a week now because I can’t decide on what brand of shampoo to try out next. See, shampoo bottles here are godawfully huge, so it’s like a huge commitment to something I couldn’t even read the labels of. The moment I got here I bought a complete set of Shiseido Tsubaki, supposedly the best-selling brand here, despite Jenard’s warning of hairfall – which turned out to be true. But it does make your hair nice and shiny, at least what’s left of it. When I’ve had enough of hair strands coming off every time I run my fingers through my hair I switched to Shiseido Mild which smells good and is so-so.
Anyway, long story short, I settled on what I hope is a bottle of Lush Rehab Shampoo and a tub of Retread Conditioner. The shampoo label is all kanji, so I wouldn’t know; and tub, although labeled in katakana, reads “turipururun” which no matter how I try to twist and turn would never be retread (triple run, maybe?) but I compared the ingredients list and they seem to be the same. And then I chucked in a tiny slice of Porridge because it’s been so humid and hot lately and I need to exfoliate.

Next stop: MAC

I finally got a paint pot! I’ve been wanting to get one just to even out my eyelids which are really really dark (I’ve had people ask me if I’m wearing eye shadow – it’s that dark). This was a bit of an ordeal because I was looking for Rubenesque and well, the label read “ru-be-n-su-ki-yu” but anyway I managed to find it and as the reviews say it’s a pretty pretty peachy color. I didn’t want to get anything pink because I would look like an insect bit me on the eyelid.

And then I finally got my hands on a slimshine in Bare (second from the left; the label reads “bea-”). When I told the sales assistant I’m getting it she told me it’s discontinued but she gave me one anyway. I’m guessing she was trying to tell me it’s discontinued and I can get only one (she kept saying “one”) but I wouldn’t know. Anyway, these are all my MAC lipsticks: Creme Cup (cremesheen), Bare, Fanfare (cremesheen), and Viva Glam V (lustre).
And that’s that. Have a great week, everyone.

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